8 Things You Didn’t Know About Marzia Kjellberg

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Marzia Kjellberg is an Italian Internet personality, fashion designer, businesswoman, ceramics artist, and author. Popularly known for her videos on her YouTube channel. She is married to a Swedish YouTuber Pewdiepie. Marzia Kjellberg registered her Youtube channel named CutiePieMarzia on 16 January 2012. Her videos on YouTube are based on fashion, makeup, beauty, DIY, movies, books, Vlogs, and video gaming. Kjellberg also uploaded travel Vlogs. Her YouTube channel was one of the most popular in the Beauty and Makeup genre. Marzia Kjellberg refers to her fans as Marzipans. Her channel’s success allowed her to start designing her own clothing. Since March 2015, Kjellberg has launched several lines of fashion and design merchandise including nail polish shades, home decor products, and most clothing.

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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Marzia Kjellberg

1- Romantic Love Story

Marzia Kjellberg used to be a fan of his husband, Felix Kjellberg, better known by his online name Pewdiepie. She was introduced to her husband by her friend Daizo, and since 2011, she started dating Felix after e-mailing him and stating to him that she found his videos funny, she then moved to Sweden. They later moved to her native Italy, on April 27th, 2018, Kjellberg announced on her Instagram account that Felix had proposed to her, on 20th August 2019. the couple announced on social media that they are married.

2- Took a break From Social Life

On 31st December 2020, Kjellberg announced that she wants to focus on her life offline, so she took a hiatus from Instagram. The hiatus ended after Kjellberg made an Instagram post on 26th February 2021.

3-Used To Be In Love With Her Mother’s Closet

During an interview, Marzia shared that fashion has been an interest of hers since childhood. She continued to say “As a little kid I loved spending time in my mother’s closet, trying on shoes and clothes and obviously too big for me at that time, but it did not matter: I was fascinated by each piece that I could spend hours in there in feel like I was in a magical world”.

4- Never Shops For Clothes

Well, yes you might be surprised but Kjellberg once shared that she used to buy new clothes for herself in her teenage, but now she does not go shopping too, companies send her clothes all the time.

5- Took Three Years To Make One Dress

Marzia told to Linkedln in 2016, “I would say that so far, my biggest accomplishment this year was to finally create my dream dress, as I have been working on it since October 2013.

6- Fitness as a Hobby

Mazia loves doing yoga, mediation, and workout in her leisure time. She never skips her workout regime. It seems she is a fitness enthusiast who loves maintaining her overall health and body.

7- Avid Animal Lover

The actress is an avid animal lover who often shares her photos on her Instagram handle with her pets. And her fans can’t stop praising her photos.

8- Philanthropist

The actress is a philanthropist who loves helping those who are in need. Also, she has been contributing to the many charitable organizations that are working for a specific cause.

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