8 Things You Didn’t Know About Morgan Brown

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Morgan Brown Biography

Morgan Brown joined the list of people capturing the public’s attention after being romantically linked to Hollywood hunk Gerard Butler. Former model, property developer, and interior designer Morgan Brown also has a Hollywood history.

Discover some fascinating facts about her that you probably don’t know.

Morgan Brown
Morgan Brown

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Morgan Brown

1. Furniture Designer

Morgan is a real estate developer, according to her Instagram bio. She also states that she is an artist and a furniture designer. [1]

2. Modelling History

Take a good look at her. Isn’t it unsurprising that she has ties to the modeling industry? She is no stranger to the cameras, according to Answers Africa, even if we don’t see her in front of them very frequently these days unless she’s posing with Gerard or captured by paparazzi. Her first job was as a model, and she was following in her mother’s footsteps.

3. Privacy Matters

Finding information about her proved to be extremely tough. Yes, she’s well-known in the design world, and her reputation is only growing. She is, however, not the type of person who enjoys having her privacy invaded. It’s tough to locate information about her, and we suspect that’s exactly how she likes it.

4. Allegedly Not Married

Would you turn down Gerard Butler’s proposal? We’re not sure we’d be able to let such an opportunity pass us by. But  Closer explains that Brown knows what she’s doing because she and Gerard are in such a good place right now. She didn’t want to ruin it”

5. Doesn’t Fear Speaking Her Mind

In order to do their job, designers must be outspoken. It’s the designer’s job to fix something that doesn’t look good (or isn’t safe). This is why we think Morgan Brown is not afraid to speak her mind

6. Gotten Good Genes

Morgan Brown appears to have gotten good genes from both parents. In fact, they influenced her career choices. She is the daughter of “Harry Joe Coco Brown,” a well-known developer, and model “Karen Brown Somerville.” She once revealed that she and her father used to talk about real estate all the time when she was a kid.

7. Pet Lover

through her Instagram posting, it can be seen that she has pet dogs with her as she recently post some pictures with her adorable pet doggies.

Morgan with her pets
Morgan with her pets


8. A Mom

Morgan Brown excels at keeping her personal life private, and she’s done so well that she has a son about whom no one knows. We have no idea how old he is, what his name is, or who his father is. She is perfectly within her rights to keep that information to herself.


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