8 Things You Didn’t Know About Naga Chaitanya

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Naga Chaitanya has been active in the Indian entertainment industry and has spent more than a decade working there. He has been gone through many problems but nothing stopped him from moving forward. Many of you are not familiar with him, but still, he has a huge fan following in India. He was in a relationship with actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu. Later, the couple parted ways in 2021 after four years of marriage. It is just a single phase of his life. To know more about him, here we are going to share some interesting, unrevealed things you might not know before. Let’s have a look!


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Naga Chaitanya

1- Comes From a Family of Actors

He is the son of the renowned, successful actor, Nagarjuna. His paternal grandfather Akkineni Nageswara Rao, was also an actor. His maternal grandfather, D. Ramanaidu, was a most popular movie producer. And that’s the reason, it’s not surprising that he joined the line of acting.

2- Established Himself a Screenwriter

Apart from acting, Naga Chaitanya also established his career as a screenwriter. Further, he wants to explore some other areas in the industry. In 2019, he announced on his Instagram that he has been writing a script and soon will reveal it.

3- Runs a YouTube Channel

Alongside managing his career as an actor and screenwriter, Naga Chaitanya runs a YouTube channel. These days, having a strong social media presence is like bliss to build a career. He has amassed over 1,200 subscribers and more than 11,200 total views.

4- Likes To Be Active

Naga Chaitanya has been so concerned about his health and fitness. He likes to be active and keeps himself in good shape. Also, he enjoys yoga and a daily workout regime.

5- Private Person

Naga Chaitanya works in the entertainment industry and loves keeping his life private. He loves not to share his personal life publicly, even during the time in the spotlight, he avoids sharing anything publicly.

6- Adventurous Person

Naga Chaitanya is an adventurous person and often takes some time off from his work. He finds peace enjoying outside and doing different activities, like bike-riding and racing sports cars.

7- Fan of Bohmer

Being a most celebrated star, Naga never stops praising his favorite Bohmer as he is a huge fan of him. Once on his Instagram, Naga shared that he admires Bohmer a lot.

8- Loves Taking Photos

Naga loves taking photos of himself. He often shares photos of himself on his Instagram account. It seems he is a joyous, lively person who is living his life to the fullest.

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