8 Things You Didn’t Know About Paul Essiembre

Paul Essiembre Biography

Paul Essiembre is a world-renowned actor so you can’t say that you have not heard his name before! He is primarily known for The Ice Road (2021), Nobody (2021), and Chloe (2009). These projects earned him widespread global appreciation. Many people want to know much more about him besides the little information they know about him so we are here with the 8 interesting facts about your favorite celebrity which will surely amaze you!
Paul Essiembre
Paul Essiembre

8 things you don’t know about Paul Essiembre

1. The acting was in his blood since childhood!

Very few people might know this interesting fact about him that he was keenly interested in the film industry from an early age. He was always been very much passionate about the acting career and fortunately, he became successful in his desire.

2. Not very active on social media

It must be quite an interesting fact for all of you that he doesn’t use social media much. He values his offline life more than his online life.

3. A hidden Voice artist!

We are quite sure that you are not aware of the fact that he is a successful voice-over artist too besides being a classy actor. So don’t say that you know this interesting fact about him before! [1]

4. East or West, his fitness is the best!

It is quite an amazing fact about him that he is a great fitness freak. He loves to remain healthy and fit for as long as possible. He takes great care of his physic and does gym regularly. That’s why he is super fit even in his sixties!

5. Keeps his family far far away from the media!

Very few people might know that he doesn’t like to make his family, a hot talk of the town by bringing them into the limelight of the media. He values them a lot and expects others to be considerate about his choices.

6. A happy bachelor!

Very few people might know this interesting fact about him that he is a happy single who is enjoying his life carefree moments happily. He determined to remain single unless he would find his dream date!

7. Gray and blue freak!

It must be quite an interesting fact about him that gray and blue are his most favorite colors and he is in deep love with them. He has a wide collection of objects having his favorite color.

8. London is his all-time favorite destination

 London is like a first love for him. He admires it a lot. It is his favorite destination too so he rushes to London whenever he gets free.  


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