8 Things You Didn’t Know About Raja Kumari

Raja Kumari Biography

Svetha Yallapragada Rao, professionally known as Raja Kumari, was born on January 11, 1986. She is a well-known Indian- American rapper, songwriter, and singer from Claremont, California. This Indian-American rapper is best known for her collaboration with notable artists including Gwen Stefani, Iggy Azalea, Fifth Harmony, Knife Party, Fall Out Boy, etc. She is also notable for the BMI Pop Awards for songwriting in 2016 and featuring on BBC Asian Network program Bobby Friction on July 5, 2016. Raja Kumari was born in the house of Telugu parents in Claremont, California. Kumari holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in religious studies, with an emphasis on South Asian religions. Her parents played an important role in developing her Indian character and trained her to become an Indian classical dancer who started performing at the age of 5 which helped her a lot to remain familiar with her own culture. Maybe you are curious about her life facts and wanna know her better, that is why now we are telling you 8 amazing facts about this favorite celebrity of yours that you will be amazed to know. So let us take a start!

Raja Kumari- Indian

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Raja Kumari

1- Debut

If you are curious to know the debut project of this charming personality, then let us tell that the very first project her was Change Your Life (2013). While as a Rapper (Single), Mute (2016) was the very first project of her which made her an ultimate favorite of thousands.

2- Musician with Religion Studies

It might be an interesting fact about her that she has a degree in religious studies from a foreign university with a special emphasis on the religions of South Asia. It sounds somehow interesting that a musician has such an interest in religion!

3- A South girl in California

Although she was born in the USA, she has her roots in the Indian Southern part. Her parents are south Indians who live in the USA but their hearts live within India. They tried their best to keep her familiar with her own culture even while living in California. That is the reason, she feels deep down in her, a south Indian shy girl!

4- A huge following on Social Media Accounts

She is so much popular that her presence on social media makes her fans crazy to follow her. She has a 691k following on her official Instagram account. Moreover, she has a certified Facebook account. She remains in close contact with her fans through her active social media presence. She has her own website too.

5- Beauty with Brain

She has different talents combined in her multitalented personality. She is a melodious Singer, a well-versed Songwriter, an aspiring Rapper, and a sweet-voiced Recording Artist. She has made her mark in all these fields brilliantly and gracefully.

6- A well-trained Dancer

We are quite sure that you do not this fact about her that she is a trained Indian classical dancer (Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, and Odissi) who started dancing at the age of 7.Is not it amazing? Moreover, she performed a Bharatanatyam performance on stage at the age of only 7, at a concert where Pandit Ravi Shankar was the chief.

7- A Kind Philanthropist

She is unique in this aspect in that she worked a lot of philanthropy through her dance performances and raised $80,000 in a night. She built a meditation hall in India, built a hospital in Bangalore, a school for physically disabled children which is indeed some of the great works for the suffering humanity.

8- Awards and Nominations

She has won the BMI Pop Awards in 2016 for co-writing the song Centuries with Fall Out Boy. In February 2015, she was nominated for a Grammy award for the album The New Classic but did not get it. Moreover, she has been recognized as a benefactor by the Foundation for Indic Philosophy and Culture (Indic Foundation) and has been honored with the Kohinoor Award for excellence in the Classical Arts by the Governor of Tamil Nadu, which is indeed a milestone.

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