8 Things You Didn’t Know About Reema Sen

Reema Sen Biography

Reema Sen, a famous Indian actress, and model who has worked in Bengali Theatre, Films, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu films. She was born on 29th October 1981 in Kolkata where she raised up and grew up. She studied high school from St.Thomas Girls School in Kidderpore, Kolkata, later, she moved to Mumbai along with her family. In Mumbai, she looked up for work and started working as an actress in the film industry. In 2012, Reema Sen got married to Shiv Karan Singh who is a businessman. The couple is blessed with a son named Rudraveer Singh who was born in 2013. Well, there is a lot to know about her personal and professional life. And here we are going to discuss some lesser facts! Reema Sen

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Reema Sen

1- Strong Heritage

The actress entered the Tollywood industry with a strong heritage, but she holds a special place and did everything on her own. Her dedication and amazing performances gave her a place in the hearts of millions.

2- Family Legacy

She comes from a family of actors as her mother Munmun Sen was a famed, iconic actress. But people still confused about Reema Sen and her connection with Maharani Gayatri Devi. Her father, Bharat Dev Verma comes from a Royal Family of Cooch Behar and his mother Ila Devi was an elder sister of Gayatri Devi who was a queen of Jaipur.

3- Cute Nicknames

Everyone has a cute nickname and your loved ones always call you by that name. Reema Sen has also a few cute nicknames Dolu. While her close friends call her Doll, Dollzie, and Dolly as well.

4- Acted in Hit Films

Reema Sen got a chance to work in high-budget films and fortunately, some of them went hit. This was an incredibly amazing victory for the gorgeous Bengali actress who flaunts her heart-winning acting skills.

5- Weird Fact

Another fact which sounds weird that Reema Sen never reads the full script. And it’s a unique habit and everyone in the industry is fully aware of her habit.

6- She & Rituporno

Reema Sen worked with Rituporno Ghosh and often spotted together on several occasions. The duo has a strong emotional bonding with each other and Ghosh treats her like her daughter. They often talk about each other in interviews.

7- Favorite TV Shows

Among many, her favorite television shows are ‘Friends’, ‘Game Of Thrones’ and ‘House Of Cards’. Reema Sen is a Netflix addict and loves watching movies and programs on Netflix whenever she gets time.

8- Food Fusion

The actress can’t control her eating habit and many of her close friends know all about this habit. Reema Sen loves eating a variety of food including Thai cuisine, Bengali food, Phuchkas, and Jhaalmuri that makes her mouth water.

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