8 Things You Didn’t Know About Richard Cant

Richard Cant Biography

Richard Cant is a well-known British actor noted for his remarkable cinematic performances. The excellent actor possesses a wide range of performing abilities that have helped him become famous. There isn’t much more information on him on the internet, but we have some interesting hidden facts about him that you probably didn’t know.
Richard Cant
Richard Cant

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Richard Cant

1. Teaches Acting At Drama School

Richard is a phenomenal actor hence he decided to pass his acting skills to other young actors as well. In order to do so, he teaches acting at the drama school “Mount View” when he is not acting. “It’s a great thing for me to try and pass on to young actors how I like to work,” he says. [1]

2. Son Of Popular Actor

It’s no surprise that he’s the son of an equally lovely man, the late Brian Cant, the popular actor and children’s presenter who commanded the television airways with programs like “Play School”  and “Play Away” [2]

3. Attended Drama School

Richard was born and raised in Kent, where he still resides. He attended Bristol University and Central Drama School, just like his actor parents.

4. A Well-Mannered Person

Most celebrities develop a harsh attitude after gaining a bit of fame, but Richard is not one of them. He has a charming demeanor, friendly and interested; has pale blue eyes that crinkle constantly with delight; and when he speaks, his tones are polite old school English but without pomposity.

5. Made Two Appearance In The Same Series

He made two appearances on the popular murder mystery series Midsomer Murders. He played undertaker Dennis Rainbird in the 1997 pilot episode The Killings at Badger’s Drift alongside Elizabeth Spriggs, who played his mother, and then he played Alistair Gooding, Dennis Rainbird’s cousin, in the 2006 story Dead Letters.
Richard On The PIlot Episode
Richard On The PIlot Episode

6. Would Like To Play Comic Role In Shakespeare Play

Upon asking whether he would like to be back to the main house to perform in a Shakespeare play. He replied that he would like to come in a comic role like “Peter Quince” and “Jaques” of “As You Like It”

7. His Half Siblings

Three of Richard’s half-siblings were born as a result of Brian’s 1984 remarriage to Cherry Briton, the actor Tony Britton’s daughter. One of these children is Christabel, a scenic artist who frequently performs at the RSC.

8. Got Acting Skills From His Parents

Not only was his father a fantastic actor, but his mother, “Sylvia Gibson,” was also a renowned actress of her time. So it’s obvious where Richard acquired his acting abilities.


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