8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sam Elliott

Sam Elliott Biography

Sam Elliott is one of Hollywood’s most revered icons, and despite being in the business for decades, he is unquestionably one of the most low-key personalities around. Elliott has approximately 100 acting credits to his resume, ranging from his debut part in 1967’s The Way West to starring in Netflix’s The Ranch. While admirers are aware of his talent and charm, most of the rest remains a mystery. Get to know Sam Elliott better by learning these little-known facts about him.
Sam Elliot
Sam Elliot

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sam Elliott

1. His Father Never Wanted Him To Become An Actor

While Sam Elliott credits his father for teaching him the value of hard work, things were not always easy between the two. Sam had determined at a young age that he wanted to be an actor, which his father could not support.

2. His Father’s Death

Sam Elliott was just 18 years old when he learned that his father had died of a heart attack. Despite their troubled relationship, Sam was understandably upset by the loss. He wanted to show his father something.

3. Military Man

During his tenure in California, Elliot was a member of the California Army National Guard. Not only did it prepare him for this type of work, but Elliot also mentioned how those years improved his discipline and leadership qualities.

4. Love Connection

Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross have been married for nearly four decades. Despite the fact that they both appeared in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, they only met on the set of their 1978 picture The Legacy.
Sam With His Wife
Sam With His Wife

5. Not A Fan Of Social Media

Elliott is not the type to post his opinions on Facebook or Twitter. In 2015, the actor told AARP Magazine that he is uninterested in social media. [1]

6. His First Oscar Nomination

He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor after decades of performance. When this happened, he had an epic response: “It’s about expletive time.” Unfortunately, he did not win the Academy Award. [2]

7. Worked In Construction

While most celebrity backstories include waiting tables, Sam’s involved construction work. This employment not only provided him with extra income, but it also provided him with an opportunity in acting.

8. Replaced In A Film

The Ambush Murders was one film in which Sam Elliott was going to star but was replaced at the last minute. He was scheduled to play lawyer “Paul Marshall”, who is representing a black political activist who is falsely accused of murdering two white cops.


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