8 Things You Didn’t Know About Samantha Aucoin

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If you don’t know Samantha Aucoin, then you must watch ‘Astrid & Lily Save The World’. The show might spark your interest in hearing about the most talented star. The show is going to be a super hit and one of the stars of the show Aucoin is now an all-time favorite star. Still, she is not a household name, but she is busy doing great things. Sooner or later, Samantha will become a famous star. Many of you don’t know her and we are sure you guys want to know too. Here we are going to share some amazing things that you didn’t know before. So, let’s have a look!

8 Things You Didn't Know About Samantha Aucoin

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Samantha Aucoin

1- Samantha Aucoin is Canadian

Samantha Aucoin was born and grew up in Canada. She is basically from Beeton which is located in Canada. Later, she moved to Toronto. Her Canadian roots provoked her to pursue acting as a career even she was so young.

2- She is a Musician

Alongside acting, Samantha Aucoin also established her career as a musician. She is a singer and songwriter as well. Her famous music album is ‘What is Christmas For’ which features her own singing and her music.

3- She Started with Stage

Samantha Aucoin first started acting on stage. It was her dream to work on the stage. She had a big career as she worked in stage productions and there.

4- She was in the Childcare Industry

The actress also worked in the childcare industry. It was a tough job and but as she is a strong woman so she did perfectly. Even kids are not so easy.

5- She Loves Watching Movies

Samantha is a movie lover and loves watching movies with her father. The duo shared bonding with each other and often spends time together.

6- She enjoyed learning from her character

The actress enjoyed learning from her character, especially; when she played a role of a sensitive high school girl. Being a talented star, she played her role perfectly got huge acclaim.

7- She loves the message

Samantha Aucoin loves the message and interpretation. She can be a superhero no matter what. Anyone can be one, and she loves this.

8- She is so young

Why did she play a role of a young high school girl ?? Because she is still so young. Samantha Aucoin is just 20 years old as of 2022.

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