8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sanjay Narvekar

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Sanjay Narvekar is an Indian actor who has worked in numerous Marathi as well as Hindi movies, theatre, and TV shows. He is recognized as one of the most popular actors on the Marathi professional stage. His portrayal of Sanjay Dutt in Dedh Phutiya in the Hindi film Vaastav was applauded by both critics and audiences. His fine acting skills have made him an important pillar of Marathi cinema. There is no doubt that the most talented actor has the capability to enthrall the larger audience with his excellent acting chops. This does not end here as we have something special for you and his fans. Here we are telling you eight amazing facts about this favorite celebrity of yours that you will be amazed to know. So let us take a start!

Sanjay Narvekar

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sanjay Narvekar

1- Top-ranked Films

He started his career acting with Marathi theatre where he was seen in numerous Marathi plays. Some of them were Rangeela Re, Adhanthar, AshiPaakhare Yeti, All The Best, LochyaZala Re, KheliMeli, Bajirao Mast Mi, AmhiAlo Re, and Tedha Hai Par MeraHai, etc. Later, he got the chance to Marathi movies and he did his debut with the film NauMahine NauDiwas

2- Family Life

We are quite sure that you do not know much about his personal life. So we have brought you all the details of it. He is happily married and has one son too.

3- His Nominations

He had been nominated for his classical role for Vastau in the category of the best supporting actor in the Filmfare awards. Unfortunately, he did not get any awards despite all his fine acting skills.

4- Multitalented

Sanjay Narvekar is indeed a multitalented person. He has worked in numerous Marathi and Hindi films as well as in the theatre. He has made his mark wherever he worked.

5- Net Worth

You will be surely amazed to know that your favorite celebrity’s net worth is 5-10 million. It is a quite huge amount of money. He has made all his fortune with acting and advertisement.

6- Views on Nepotism

He is against any type of nepotism in the film industry. Moreover, he says that there is no nepotism in Bollywood as well as in the Marathi film industry. So he denied the nepotism clearly.

7- Fan of Amitabh Bachchan

He is a great fan of Amitabh Bacchan.In an interview, he clearly stated that the first movie he watched in the theater was Big B’s. He usually went to the theater to watch his movies along with his friends.

8- A Philanthropist

Very few people know that he is a philanthropist. He gives charity regularly. He never shows off his charity and helps many poor people secretly. Surely, it will be an interesting fact for you about your favorite celebrity.

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