8 Things You Didn’t Know About Shome Makhija

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Shome Makhija Biography

A multi-skilled person who has been ruling over the hearts of millions because of his extraordinary talent is none other than Shome Makhija. Yes… He is not just famous for his excellent acting prowess, yet known for good direction and writing skills. Undoubtedly, all these talents make him stand out among the crowd. Not only this, but he has built his broad career in these dynamic fields. And that’s a big win for him. At the moment, we can say that Shome Makhija is the son of proud parents who have made his parents proud because of his lasting success and achievements. Well, this is incredibly amazing that he has been doing a wonderful job since the day he started his showbiz career.Here is a chance to know more about him and his professional ventures. So, let us give it a read!

Shome Makhija

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Shome Makhija

1- Multi-skilled

Shome Makhija is a super talented man who is blessed with multiple talents. Yes… He is not just good at acting, yet direction and writing as well. And what’s more? He has worked on multiple projects that make him stand out among all.

2- Known for

Shome Makhija is known for appearing in the movie titled ‘Blind’, Badla’, released in 2019, ‘Kahani 2’ released in the year 2016, and to name a few. He got praised by everyone for giving brilliant performances.

3- Passion/Hobbies

Shome Makhija considers his profession as his passion and hobby. Yeah… The actor loves spending time with his hobbies, such as; writing in his leisure time. And it helps to make him productive.

4- Directorial

In 2019, the actor directed a Bollywood film titled ‘Badla’ in which he cast the veteran Indian actor, Sunil Shetty. And the best is, Shome Makhija got positive reviews from the critics and the viewers. That’s a big win!

5- Active on Social Media

Shome Makhija is active on all his social media accounts and he loves interacting with his fans and admirers. He calls them his strong support as they never stop appreciating him for his efforts.

6- Successful Director

Many of us just know him for his acting skills, but there are many who are familiar with his direction talent as he has directed numerous Bollywood movies for which he got much acclaim in his career life.

7- Foodie Person

Shome Makhija is a foodie person but still, he never forgets to take care of his physique. The reason is, being a celebrity, he has to maintain his body and overall weight. So, he loves gymming regularly even at night.

8- Avid Traveler

Being an avid traveler, the actor loves visiting different places during his holidays. Even on the weekends, he goes out and enjoys the natural beauty of places located in India he loves the most.

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