8 Things You Didn’t Know About Stephanie Komure

Stephanie Komure Biography

Stephanie Komure, a Korean actress, is popularly known for appearing in the most-watched ongoing series ‘Squid Game’ started in 2021. The actress has been enthralling fans with her excellent performance and her fans can’t stop appreciating the lady. She is also made her career as a singer as she voiced Miranda’s song K1-98. What’s more? She has another feather on her cap, as she is known for Fallout 76 for which she voiced Elizabeth Taggerdy, Hailey Takano, and other additional voices. Hold on! This doesn’t end here as we have many things to share with you about the most celebrated star. And we are sure you would love learning about her. So, let’s have a look! 8 Things You Didn't Know About Stephanie Komure

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Stephanie Komure

1- Full Name/Birth

We all know that her name is Stephanie Komure, but let us tell you her full name. The Korean actress was born as Stephanie Misa Komure. She was born on 8th July 1978 in Sacramento County, California, USA. She is of Korean descent.

2- Zodiac Sign

According to her date of birth, Stephanie’s star sign is Cancer. People with Cancer are known for being so warm and welcoming. They are optimists and know how to bring sunshine and positivity where they move. She possesses all these qualities.

3- Physical Appearance

The actress is not so tall, her height is 5 feet 3 inches. But still, she looks adorable. The actress has a chubby face and this adds cuteness to her physical appearance. While her short hair is black in color.

4- Known for

Among many top credits, some of them are ‘Squid Game’ (most popular series), in 2021, ‘Fallout 4’, in 2015, and ‘Psychonauts 2’, in the year 2021. Additionally, she has gained much praise for other acting projects. That’s so inspiring!

5- Selfie Lover

The actress, Stephanie Komure is a selfie lover. She often shares her selfies and photos with her fans to interact with them on her Instagram handle. And fans are in love with her photos.

6- Loves Hanging Out

Stephanie is a lively lady who loves enjoying with her buddies and fellows. Komure always shares photos with her fans on her Instagram, taken from different spots.

7- Favorite Beverage

When it comes to her most favorite beverage, she opts for a Coffee. She often tastes different brands and shares a review about coffee on her Instagram handle. That’s great to know!

8- Hobbies

The actress loves spending time going out, having fun with fellow stars and friends. Also, she loves attending star-studded parties, and much more.