8 Things You Didn’t Know About Swann Arlaud

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Swann Arlaud Biography

Swann Arlaud is a French actor who was born on 30th November 1981 in Fontenay-aux-Roses, France. He was born to Tatiana Vialle and Yan Arlaud. While he has siblings, named Tobias Nuttyen, Galathee Nuytten Vialle. He shares strong bonding with his siblings and parents and always credits his parents for being supportive throughout his acting venture. He has acted in many French films but most populalr known for apeparing in ‘The Wakhan Front’ which was considered the best release of the year 2015. Also, he made an appearance in the film named ‘Baden Baden’ which was released in the year 2016. Well, he build his extensive career in the field of showbiz. Let us knoe more by giving a read to the following lesser facts we have compiled for you!

Swann Arlaud

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Swann Arlaud

1- Award-winning Actor

Here you will be surrpised to know that Swann Arlaud is an award-winning actor who was awarded the Cesar Award for the category of Best Supporting Actor for playing a role of a child sex abuse survivor in ‘By the Grace of of God’ in 2010.

2- Famous for

The actor, Swann Arlaud has woked on numeorus movies, but he is mainly known for appeaing in French films, such as; Romantics Anonymous, in 2010, and ‘Les Anarchisters’ released in the year 2015.

3- Hobbies

Hanging out with his buddies and spending a quality time with his family is some of the most important leisure time activites that he loves to do the most. And the best is, he enjoys with them a lot.

4- Family Associations with the Industry

Here you will be amazed to know that he has strong family associations with the French film industry as he is the son of Tatiana Vialle (mother) who is worknig as a Casting Director and contributed the best.

5- Comes from a Family of Artists

Another inspiring thing is that Arlaud’s father, Yan Arlaud is a Production Designer who is the grandson of Rodolph- Maurice Arlaud who was the renowned scriptwriter.

6- He & Max Vialle

Here is another unknown thing about his relatives and we are sure you guys probably did not know about his family. Yes… Swann Arlaud is the grandson of Max Vialle and Sonia Laroze.

7- He & Bruno Nuytten

Do you guys know that Arlaud has a stepfather, Bruno Nuytten who is a French cinematographer turned director. He was the first husband of his mother, Tatiana Vialle.

8- Shares Strong Bonding with Siblings

The actor, Swann Arlaud shares strong bonding with his siblings and they often spotted together at different showbiz events where they became a center of attention of millions of people.

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