8 Things You Didn’t Know About Topher Grace

Topher Grace was born on July 12, 1978, in New York City. The son of Pat Grace, a New Canaan Country School teacher’s aide, and John Grace, a Madison Avenue businessman. Jenny is his sister. Grace attended middle school with actress Kate Bosworth in Darien, Connecticut.

For his huge fan following we’ve gathered some unknown facts that’ll surely pique your interest

Topher Grace
Topher Grace

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Topher Grace

1. He’s From the ’70s

He was born in the 1970s and rose to fame in a show about the decade. He was a baby in the 1970s, even though he appeared to be a teenager in the show who attended school and lived with his friends and family. His birthday is July 12, 1978.

2. Born And Raised In New York

He is a man who was raised in New York City and was born there. Grace’s parents were city workers. For the Madison Avenue company, his father served in an executive capacity. His mother was a New Canaan Country School employee. He has a sister as one of his two siblings. [1]

3. He Lived In Connecticut

Topher spent a lot of time in NYC because he was born there and reared there, but he didn’t reside there. He resided in the adjacent Connecticut town of Darien. He did get to spend some significant time in the city as a child because his family frequently travelled there for work. [2]

4. Went To School With Kate Bosworth

Since he was a little child, he had notable friends. However, his buddies were not well-known back then. He attended school and grew up with Kate Bosworth. Kate and Topher attended the same middle school together. They were buddies, they spent time together, and they grew up together. They both never could have imagined they’d grow up to be well-known celebrities.

5. Married To Ashley Hinshaw

In 2014, he dated his wife. He made a proposal to her in 2015 after instantly realising she was the one. Ashley Hinshaw is her full name. In 2016, this pair married in California. Their two young children are currently being raised by them. Both of their children were born between 2017 and 2020. [3]

Topher Grace with his wife
Topher Grace with his wife

6. Babysat By Chloe Sevigny

If you thought growing up with a not-yet-famous Kate Bosworth was cool, wait until you find out who babysat him as a child. It’s none other than Chloe Sevigny, the actress, and model. They performed some plays together, but she also babysat him and his sister as they grew up. [4]

7. Skipped Ashton Kutcher’s Wedding

He did not go to Ashton Kutcher’s 2015 wedding, which they kept a secret, even though they did co-star in That 70s Show together. At the same time as their wedding, he was working at a job in Australia. For a short wedding, it’s not always simple to travel from Australia to California. [5]

8. Keeps His Personal Life To Himself

Topher Grace is a reserved individual. He’s not interested in having his personal life publicised. He avoids discussing issues in which he is not directly concerned and prefers to remain to himself. It isn’t a terrible thing.

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