8 Things You Didn’t Know About Umur Kurt

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Umur Kurt is a Turkish actor and a writer,who was born on April 17 1981 in Erzincan, to Cemal Kurt and Sevim Kurt. The actor was graduated from Mujidat Gazan Art Centre. He like others penetrated the drama world through theatre in 1997. Umur was not the center of an eye just because of his looks but also due to his talent was able to win many hearts. He became a popular face after his dramas like Guz Sancisi in 2009 and Kavsak in 2010. His passion for acting didn’t allow him to circle around dramas only but instead made him a film actor with his first feature film known as Yilmaz Erdogan. Now let us head towards some interesting facts about the actor!

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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Umur Kurt

1- Loves Animals

Apart from his love for acting, the charming and dashing Turkish actor, Umur Kurt also loves animals and has a pet dog with him with whom he loves spending his time.

2- Zodiac Sign

The actor holds Aries as his zodiac sign, and Aries is a blend of ambitious and hardworking people and this blend of traits perfectly matches with Umur.

3-Physical Appearance

The talented actor, Umur Kurt holds a captivating beauty with his brown eyes, black hair, along with a sweet smile on his face. We are sure he is a crush of many girls.

4-Favorite Color

Umur Kurt’s favorite colors are none other than Black and White, which indicates bravery and peace. The best is, he always opts for these colors on various film occasions.


The April-born boy’s hobby is his passion, which is the most beautiful way to showcase your sincerity towards your career. The actor loves spending time with his other interests, like; swimming, workout, and hanging out.

6- Religion

His religion is Christianity and has been practicing it too. He follows all his customs and traditions as he believes that faith can do wonders in his career life.

7- Marital Status

His die-hard female fans and followers want to know about his life partner. Let us tell you that the elegant and evergreen Umur is still in search of his partner and thus is single.

8- One More Name

We all know him by his real name as he was born as Umur Kurt but he has another name that we didn’t know before. The actor is also known as Umut by many people.

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