8 Things You Didn’t Know About Veena Sood

Veena Sood Biography

Veena Sood is a multi-award-winning actress who excels in both comedy and drama. Despite being in her forties, the actress’s screen presence is unrivaled. She is not only a wonderful actor but also a wonderful human person, which is why she prefers roles that promote positive change in the world. Let us share some interesting facts about her that we’ve discovered. So you can learn more about her personality.
Veena Sood
Veena Sood

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Veena Sood

1. Owns A Website

Veena Sood owns a website where she informs her followers about her most recent endeavors. The webpage provides information about her accomplishments and current projects. [1]

2. Family OF Doctors And Actors

Both Veena’s mother and father worked in the medical field. She and her brother Manoj Sood, an entertainer, were raised in Canada after their family relocated there when she was just seven years old. The musician “Ashwin Sood” who recently wed “Sarah McLachlan” is her cousin brother.

3. Started Her Career At A Young Age

Sood began her performing career when she was still a young child. She was a dramatic performer who appeared in several motion pictures, including “Loyalties”, “The Women of Marwen”, and “The Accused”.

4. Worked In Hollywood

Furthermore, the artist has worked in Hollywood entertainment, and her talent has been provided in English-language films. Veena has also appeared in television shows.

5. Enjoys Travelling

On her Instagram account, the entertainer has moved several images of herself venturing out to greater places. It appears that she enjoys traveling and discovering new places.
Veena Sood Enjoying Her Trip
Veena Sood Enjoying Her Trip

6. Received Various Awards For Serving Humanity

The Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television, and Radio Artists has given her various awards, including the Lorena Gale Woman of Distinction Award in November 2017 and the Sam Payne Award for services to humanity and artistic integrity in 2014. [2]

7.  She’s Of Dual Descent

Veena Sood was born in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. She is of East Indian and Kenyan descent, and her family came to Canada. She holds dual citizenship in Canada and the United Kingdom. And currently she is situated in Vancouver, Canada.

8. Her Current Work

Currently the actress is seen in the popular movie “The wedding season” as Suneeta, an overbearing mother, who’s fixated on wedding her daughter to a suitable bachelor.
Veena Sood as Sunita
Veena Sood as Sunita


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