8 Things You Didn’t Know About Zaid Darbar 

Zaid Darbar is a popular Indian actor, artist, dancer, and content creator who started his career as a Tiktoker. He was born on 24 October 1995 in Mumbai, India. He is currently so popular and he is the brother of Awez Darbar who is also a TikToker and content creator like him. 

We have gathered a bunch of information about this rising star, which you may find exciting.

Zaid Darbar
Zaid Darbar

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Zaid Darbar 

1. Start As A Tiktoker 

Zaid Darbar is a popular actor and influencer who started his career through TikTok and got millions of followers. Then ago the closure of Tiktok in India in 2020, he is currently working on Instagram but he had 2.3 Million followers on TikTok. [1]

2. Obsessed With Sports 

Zaid Darbar is one of those who loves sports like cricket and football. In one of his Instagram posts, it can be seen that he is sitting in a cricket stadium enjoying the cricket. Also, he shared a post in which he was in a football stadium wearing orange color and representing India. [2]

3. Patriotic Person 

Everyone who lives in the country where they were born, loves their country so much. Zaid Darbar is also a very patriotic person and in one of his Instagram posts, he shared a picture in which he got his car painted with the Indian flag pattern.

Zaid Showing his patriotism
Zaid Shows his patriotism

4. Enjoys Dancing 

Besides being an influencer and content creator, he is a dancer too. He not only loves to dance but also enjoys dancing so much. His Instagram feed is full of videos of dancing. [3]

5. Loves Beautiful Skies 

Most people love the beauty of nature and Zaid Darbar is one of them who loves to see natural beauty. In his Instagram post, he shared a picture in which he was enjoying the natural beauty and that he loves the beautiful sky. 

Zaid enjoying outside at Cannes
Zaid enjoying outside at Cannes

6. Owns A Youtube Channel 

Zaid Darbar being a content creator and a dancer has his own YouTube channel where he posts his vlogs and updates his fans from his life. [4]

7. Academic Qualification 

Zaid Darbar did his academic qualification from Savar barracks Public School & College, Bangladesh.

8. Relationship status

The talented man got married in December 2020 to Gauahar Khan ago is also a popular star actress. He dated her for 2 years and they both happily got married in December 2020. [5]

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