8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sonya Hussyn

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A well-known face of the Pakistani entertainment industry, Sonya Hussyn never fails to impress her fans and audience as she is blessed with exceptionally amazing acting talent. She always enthralls the viewers with her stellar performances as she worked in many Pakistani serials including Saraab, Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida, and many more that are worth watching. However, the hard worker actress is popularly known for her stunning looks and wonderful acting skills that make her stand out among all. Here we have some more unknown things you probably did not know about.

Sonya Hussyn

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sonya Hussyn

1- Never Wanted to be an Actress

Sonya Hussyn never wanted to be an actress, but she wanted to be a Physiologist as she studied the same subject as a major and wanted to join a career in the same field.

2- Acting – By Chance

Sonya Hussyn took the start of her acting venture during her studies. It was the time when she was doing this on the side.

3- Close to her Family

The actress is a family guy and loves taking responsibility for her family as it adds more meaning to her life.

4- Doesn’t believe in pleasing people

Sonya Hussyn does not believe in pleasing people. She believes that you can never please people and learned this lesson after the separation of her parents.

5- Doesn’t like Item Number Songs

Sonya Hussyn does not like item number songs as she believes that such kinds of songs objectify a woman which is wrong.

6- Model

Apart from acting, she is blessed with modeling skills and she has worked for several notable fashion brands.

7- Loves to play Unique Roles

Sonya Hussyn loves to play unique roles and does not like to play the same roles again and again because she wants to explore herself.

8- Visited Rehab Centre

The actress was offered a role of a girl who was suffering from Schizophrenia in the ongoing serial “Saraab” wherein she worked alongside Sami Khan and Nazish Jahangir. it is said that Sonya Hussyn visited Rehab Centre and met a Schizophrenic patient before accepting this role.

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