Hareem Shah’s videos help her to become a TikTok star

Hareem ShahThe famed TikTok star Hareem Shah recently raised brows for a lot of concerns when she shot a Tik Tok video during her visit to the Foreign Office that went viral and turned into a web sensation. Red-faced the government started an inquiry to get the details about the matter and find the person who allowed her to go inside the Foreign Office and recoded a video in the conference hall. Later on, a few days back, the controversy regarding the matter died down but Hareem’s Tik Tok videos seem to appear on almost all social network sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Watsapp, and Instagram. Here is a compilation of those eight videos that helped her to become a famous Tik Tok star after recorded video at Foreign Office. 1- The Aerial Firing Video The Aerial Firing Video 2- Hareem Dances With Sundal Khattak Hareem dances with Sundal Khattak 3- From Inside The Plane Inside The Plane 4- With Sheikh Rashid With Sheikh Rashid 5- The Lobby Video Lobby Video 6- Hareem Lip Syncs  Hareem Lip Syncs 7- Pushing Into A Swimming Pool Swimming Pool 8- With Fayyaz Chauhan With Fayyaz Chauhan

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