Lebanese couple turns into a web sensation- Bride’s dancing video with wheelchair- bound groom

bride groom 300x225A video of a Lebanese couple has turned into a web sensation on social media after the bride was seen hitting the dance floor with her wheelchair-bound husband to be.

Alya Al Chamaa’s video was subtitled, “I’m not sharing this to become renowned but because it is every bride’s dream to dance on her own wedding day. I am sharing this dance to demonstrate and indicate others that notwithstanding Jamal’s handicap, he didn’t deny me of this satisfaction and joy.”

Elissa, a Lebanese music diva, also shared the record on her Twitter. She stated, “Clearly indicates how much love joins them. God favor them and their adoration with which they conquered all difficulties, and that is a true lesson in love,” she said. She added that her soulmate was the legend in the story, for not denying her from the straightforward joys of life, paying little heed to any weaknesses.

Alya opened up about her story to Gulf News after social media clients started to recognize her post. Their video indicated Jamal simply holding her, as she whirled around him with absolute bliss. It completed a few rounds on social media as their bond got the eyes of many, alongside a few celebratory congratulate the couple.

Cutest one 300x300The wedding occurred keep going Saturday after quite a while spent attempting to persuade Alya’s folks. She uncovered how she met Jamal on a vacation in 2009.

“We are both from Barja [a town in Lebanon’s Chouf District]. We met during a stumble on the Eid occasions. We talked and moved toward becoming companions. We experienced passionate feelings for and that was the way it begun. The greatest obstruction we confronted was my folks, who had rejected the match… and they continued dismissing for quite a long time until they at last gave their approval”.

The most beautiful is when they got a piece of art from one of the fan. The art is captioned by an inspiring message. “I don’t know but your story has affected me and all the people and I love to express it for a drawing. God bless you.”

Alya recently replied, “I thank everybody who supported us and shared this special moment that I had been waiting for 10 years with my life partner Jamal. I love all those who supported me, especially my parents, who had refused, in the beginning until they realized that Jamal is an awesome guy and will make my life happy.”


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