Margaret Atwood discloses sequel of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

download 1 3Margaret Atwood released the eagerly awaited spin-off of her honor winning 1985 novel The Handmaid’s Tale on Tuesday, with The Testaments, set to turn into a comparable crush.  A terrifying, misanthropic dystopia set in the US northeast sooner rather than later, The Handmaid’s Tale has been transformed into a noteworthy TV series and has turned into a women’s activist arousing point for the #MeToo generation.

246555 040522 updates 300x171Fans ran to Waterstones’ leader book shop in Piccadilly, focal London, where Atwood, 79, read from her new novel to around 400 follower who could get their hands on the book at midnight.

“It’s accurate with what’s going (on) right now, where the world is going and that is somewhat unnerving,” said 27-year-old Melisa Kumas, from the Netherlands yet living in London, who wore a red handmaid’s outfit.  “It might be somewhat of a warning to the people.”

The sequel has just been nominated for the 2019, Booker Prize, one of the English-speaking world’s most renowned literary awards. Its predecessor, which was nominated for the 1986 Booker Prize, was transformed into a film in 1990, a show in 2000, and an award winning TV drama- series, which initially aired in 2017. The show has increased the sales of the novel, which has moved eight million copies worldwide in English alone.

Novel set 15 years on …In the first novel, the United States has turned into the Republic of Gilead, an extremist religious state where ladies are explicitly oppressed. Over 15 years on from the occasions of The Handmaids Tale, the severe religious system keeps up its grasp on power, however there are signs that it is starting to spoil from inside.

The lives of three drastically various ladies unite in the novel… Two, Agnes and Daisy, experienced childhood in the original since the new request dominated, while a third, Aunt Lydia, employs control through the savage gathering and sending of insider facts.

Auntie Lydia was a character in The Handmaid’s Tale, while Agnes and Daisy additionally sprung up. They are the little girls of the principal novel’s hero and storyteller June, who goes under the slave name Offred.

At the point when the new story starts, Agnes lives in Gilead, while her sister lives in neighboring Canada and is dismayed by the human rights misuses being executed over the outskirt.

In any case, the third storyteller, specifically, holds the readers in suspense: the Machiavellian chief of the Aunts — the gathering of ladies in charge of preparing and policing the handmaids.

The readers finds her past as a liberated individual and her change into a beast through her survival nature even with overbearing men, and her desire for capacity to get her retribution.

Women’s activist imagery… Canadian essayist Atwood took over three decades to make the continuation, enlivened by inquiries posed by her readers about the characters in the primary book.

“Thirty-five years is quite a while to consider potential answers, and the appropriate responses have changed as society itself has changed,” Atwood wrote in the novel’s affirmations.

“Nations, including the United States, are under a bigger number of stresses now than they were three decades back.”

The TV adjustment has presented to The Handmaid’s Tale to another group of spectators. The handmaids’ white caps and red dresses have turned into an image of women’s activist battles, for example, fetus removal and ladies’ privileges crusades in nations, for example, Argentina, Hungary, Ireland and Poland. In the US, they have turned into a token of the counter Trump and #MeToo developments.

Debbie Wythe, 57, a carer from Woking, southwest of London, is another fan who came particularly for the book dispatch.

“I simply need to get my hands on it. I cherish books, to contact and smell it! I trust there is a glad decision as it were. I need to be cheerful and hopeful.”

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