8 Things You Didn’t Know About Alexandra Billings

Alexandra Billings Biography

Alexandra Billings, an American actress, who is considered among the daring woman as she has been courageously accepting all her life challenges. Here’s a reason why she has been so popular? Alexandra Billings is the second transgender woman who played the role of transgender on TV in the telefilm ‘Romy and Micheel: In the Beginning (2015). In this telefilm, other big personalities also took part i.e., Alexandra Breckenridge, Katherine Heigl, Kelly Brook, and Rhea Seehorn. The actress has established her good reputation by working in the cinema. Despite facing challenges, she never gave up on her dreams of becoming a successful star. Billings is known for performing in many hit productions for which she got huge fame.
Alexandra Billings
Alexandra Billings

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Alexandra Billings

1. She is a Transgender actor

According to a news report published by ‘The Guardian’, where they disclose that Alexandra Billings is the first transgender female actor to play a transgender character. [1] She has been a part of many hit productions i.e., Transparent (Amazon series), Grey’s Anatomy, The Conners, etc.

2. Billings was Insulted

Billings say on her Instagram post that, she was insulted:
At first, I was insulted. Appalled. I was angry and resentful. [2]
About that, she posts a very interesting and eye-opening picture on her Instagram account.

3. Family Origin

Alexandra Billings comes from a multiracial family. She is of European American, African American, and Native American ancestry. Her father, Robert Billings was a music teacher and worked as a music director as well.

4. Worked Behind the Camera

Billings worked behind the camera and assisted Carol Burnett and Yul Brynner. Also, she has worked in multiple fields including teaching, acting, and singing as she followed in her father’s footsteps.

5. Before Showbiz Career

Before joining her showbiz career, Alexandra Billings struggled with opioid addiction. She was homeless after losing her parents. Consequently, she became addicted to cocaine and turned into a prostitute.

6. Stage Name

In the early 80s, she worked under the stage name ‘Shante’ at the famed Baton Show Lounge located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The actress then won a series of beauty contests and was crowned Miss Wisconsin.

7. Honored with a Title

Billings was honored with several titles which include Miss New York, Miss Continental, similarly, Miss Florida, & Miss Illinois, but the list goes on.

8. Multiple Talents

Billings has multiple talents set, she is a good teacher, actress, and singer.


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