8 Things You Didn’t Know About Babbal Rai

Babbal Rai Biography

Babbal Rai is a well-known Indian Punjabi singer, songwriter, and film actor who made his debut with the album sucka my pp until it bleeds which too brought him into the limelight in the music industry. This album, however, was not a huge hit as Rai was unable to come to India and promote his album. Meanwhile, he worked and collected money for making music and videos on his own. In 2012 he released his single track Sohni. Rai felt that his claim to fame is to sing what he feels from his heart. He started his film career with a special guest appearance in the Punjabi Film Singh vs Kaur in 2013 starring Gippy Grewal and Surveen Chawla, which ultimately brought her into the limelight in the Film industry. Maybe you are curious about his life facts and wanna know about him better, that is why now we are telling you 8 amazing facts about this favorite celebrity of yours that you will be amazed to know. So let us start! babbal rai

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Babbal Rai

1- Famous with a Nickname

You will surely be amazed if we tell you that Babbal Rai is his nickname! Yes. Simranjeet Singh Rai is his real name but he is famous with his nickname, Babbal Rai. Hardly anyone knows his real name in the industry!

2- 4 Talents,1 Personality

It might be an interesting fact about Babbal Rai he has got a great combo of superb talents in him. He is a melodious singer, a stylish model, a fine actor, and a versatile writer.

3- His Debut Projects

We are quite sure that you do not know about the debut projects of this favorite celebrity of yours. He did his album Debut with the Sau Putt (2010),his acting Debut with Singh vs Kaur (2013, Guest Appearance), and his Film Debut with Mr. and Mrs. 420 (2014).

4- His Personal Life

He is happily single. Although, he is 36 yet he has not married yet. He is happy in his life living it by his own life choices and values. There has not any news of his relationship comes in the media ever too.

5- Cricket Craze

It might be an interesting fact about him that he is a crazy fan of cricket. It is his hobby as well as his favorite sport. He loves to remain up to date with all the news and the events related to cricket. Even once cricketer Yograj Singh saw him playing and asked him to come to Chandigarh. After which he admitted him to DAV College, Chandigarh, where he played as a left-hand batsman too.

6- His Initial YouTube Popularity

We are quite sure that you do not this fact about him that initially, he sang the song Australian Challa for his friend on his birthday and made a video of it thereafter, he posted it on YouTube, after which he became popular. He became viral and got alot of views as well as shares on his video.

7- A huge following on Instagram

It must not be a shocking fact for you if we tell you that he has got a huge following on his Instagram account as we all know that he is quite popular among his fans. He has been followed by almost 2M people. He is an active social media user and has a similar position on the other social platforms too.

8- A Cab driver?

Yes! You have read it hundred percent right! He was a cab driver of Sippy Grewal (elder brother of Gippy Grewal) in Australia during his days there. It was when he had not joined the glamorous world of showbiz and living in Australia.

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