8 Things You Didn’t Know About Dasha Nekrasova

Dasha Nekrasova Biography

Dasha Nekrasova was first known to the internet as Sailor Socialism, a viral video icon who trolled an InfoWars reporter with lines like “You people have, like, worms in your brain” and “All I want is free healthcare, honey.” Since then, Nekrasova has established herself as a podcaster, actress, writer, and, most recently, director. If you’re looking for some interesting facts about her, keep scrolling and reading.
Dasha Nekrasova
Dasha Nekrasova

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Dasha Nekrasova

1. Migrated to the USA

Because her parents are acrobats, she moved to the United States when she was four years old and settled in Las Vegas, Nevada. She had some difficulties as a child adjusting to life in the United States.

2. Explains Her Viral “Infowars” Interview

Dasha described her “Infowars” trolling in an interview with Teen Vogue. “I was excited when I realized I was on Infowars because I figured they’d say something crazy and funny,” she explained. “It wasn’t difficult to own Ashton because nothing she said made sense or followed a logical train of thought. [1]

3. Online Teen

She told Interview magazine that she used to be an online teen and she likes to be on phone and call her friends whom she met online. [2]

4. Have Suicidal Thoughts

When asked if she ever considered suicide, the actress replied, “all the time.” She went on to say that she most likely has suicidal thoughts in various forms.

5. Always Wanted  to Be an Actress

Dasha discusses her childhood dream and how she has always wanted to be an actress. then she told that she could do so by appearing on David Letterman’s show, where she would have his support and approval.

6. Considers  “Bunny Rogers” a Great Artist

She also revealed her artistic preferences. Dasha regards “Bunny Rogers” as the greatest living artist. Bunny’s artistic materials have gained her a lot of popularity, which is why Dasha thinks she’s a great artist.

7. Doesn’t Belives In a Two-Party System

When asked whether she is a republican or a democrat, Dasha responds positively, saying that she does not believe in two-party systems, but if she had to label herself, she would say she is a Democratic Socialist.

8. Enjoys Being Inside Plane

When they have time away from their hectic schedules, most celebrities enjoy traveling. Dasha, on the other hand, simply enjoys flying in business class. As she sees it, it’s her ideal vacation scenario.