8 Things You Didn’t Know About Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid Biography

Gigi Hadid is a stunning model of American origin. In 2014, she made her debut in the Top 50 Models ranking at Models.com. She was named International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council in 2016. Hadid has made thirty-five appearances on international Vogue magazine covers in the last four years. Here we are now telling you 8 hidden facts about her which you will surely love to know!
Gigi Hadid
`Gigi Hadid

8 things you don’t know about Gigi Hadid

1. Took part in junior Olympics!

 You must be thinking about her that what did your favorite celebrity use to do before becoming a model. So here we are with this secret that she played volleyball in Malibu. Gigi Hadid took part in the Junior Olympics too before becoming a model.

2. A born model!

She was interested to join the modeling career when she was just two years old. Gigi Hadid was spotted by Paul Marciano at the age of two. Later posed for the Baby Guess campaign where she got a lot of appraisals.

3. Would be a psychologist but…

 We are sure that you don’t know this interesting fact about that if she wasn’t a model, she would be a psychologist. Gigi Hadid applied for New York University to become a psycho-criminologist too at the same time as her modeling but later she left it due to a busy schedule as a model.

4. Her appearance in the music videos of the renowned musicians

Many people might not know that she has starred in a string of music videos From Bad Blood by Taylor Swift to How deep is your love by Calvin Harris, when she’s not walking international runways, Gigi Hadid takes part in numerous music videos, among other things. [1]

5. Her passion for cooking!

 Very few people might know this interesting and lovely fact about her that she is very passionate about cooking. She regularly shares her favorite recipes on Instagram too.

6. Become a lovely mommy recently

You haven’t known this interesting fact about her that she has become a mommy of a child recently. Her child is her life and she loves to spend time with him as much as possible out of her busy schedule.

7. Her participation in Master Chief and her moto

 It must be an interesting fact for you that this stunning model has taken part in the cooking show Master Chef.  There her motto was “eat clean to stay fit – have a burger to stay sane”. Interesting! No?

8. A creative creature!

It is another worth-mentioning part of her life that she has got some serious creative skills which are beneficial for her in every way. She’s has recently collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger (Tommy x Gigi), and a sunglasses line, Vogue Eyewear, to expand her fashion influence in the world.


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