8 Things You Didn’t Know About Marg Helgenberger

Marg Helgenberger was born on November 16, 1958, in Fremont, Nebraska, to nurses Mary Kay and Hugh Helgenberger. She was raised in North Bend, Nebraska, where she graduated from North Bend Central High School.

If you are getting curious to know more about this beautiful woman, then you may find these 8 unknown facts interesting

Marg Helgenberger
Marg Helgenberger

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Marg Helgenberger

1. Football Lover

Marg is a huge football fan. After her divorce from Alan Rosenberg in 2010, this intelligent beauty is now single again. Any of you sports fanatics can fantasise about the ideal girlfriend. When she has the opportunity, she enjoys watching football. Unfortunately, there isn’t always time to watch the game when you’re on set. [1]

2. Started A Book Club

Marg works hard to stay fit and busy. She resolved to better herself. She created a book club to keep her mind active and learning. We have to admire a woman with that type of drive. After all, just being on set filming a regular show can keep you very occupied. [2]

3. Married To Alan Rosenberg

Marg has only been married once, to Alan Rosenberg, who she met on the set of Ryan’s Hope back in the ’80s. The couple was married for decades before divorcing amicably, but they have a son. Hugh Howard Rosenberg is named after Marg Helgenberger’s father, Hugh Helgenberger. [3]

Marg with her family
Marg with her family

4. She’s Very Proud Of Her Son

She is quite proud of her son, who excels in school. In her account, you may see images of him with his dog. Marg is overjoyed to share his accomplishments with the world and brag about what a proud mother she is. He is also deserving. [4]

5. Appeared In Tommyknockers

She appeared in Stephen King’s classic Tommyknockers (1993), as well as the Species films. Yet that wasn’t her only terrifying incident. Marg played Alex, the lead in the 1989 horror film After Midnight, and she appeared multiple times on the TV series Tales From The Crypt. [5]

6. Born In Freemont, Nebraska

In 1958, she was born in Freemont, Nebraska. Her parents, Mary Kay, a nurse, and Hugh, a meat inspector, did not raise their children to be celebrities. Marg, her sister Anne, and her brother Curt were raised as far away from the spotlight as possible. [6]

7. Planned To Become A Nurse

Marg had not always wished to be an actress. Instead, she intended to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a nurse. Her priorities did not change until she entered college. She began her education at Kearney State College. She then transferred to Northwestern University, where she obtained a B.S. in speech and drama. [7]

8. Her Followings Love To See Her Long Legs

It’s no wonder that when you’re as beautiful as Marg, people want to see images of you every day. Nonetheless, this leggy beauty has a devoted fan base who enjoys seeing her long legs. We don’t blame them. She does have great gams.

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