8 Things You Didn’t Know About Miriam A.Hyman

Miriam A.Hyman as Robyn Hood has emerged in the entertainment world as a powerful force to be reckoned with. From bringing varied, compelling characters to life on the cinema and stage to composing and performing daring, vulnerable hip-hop songs. Her large fan base must be excited to learn some interesting hidden facts about her that we’ve compiled for them.
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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Miriam A.Hyman

1. Mulitple Talents In One Person

In addition to acting, Hyman has worked as a dancer and choreographer for many years. And she has recently taken a shot as a Hip-Hop artist under the rap name “Robyn Hood.” Her musical endeavors include the international publication of her EP For Higher, as well as the release of two mixtapes, Sweet Sixteen and Journey of an MC.

2. Her Siblings Guided Her

Her siblings were the best role models a child could ask for. They taught him what to do and what not to do through their deeds and instruction. Many of her peers were not as interested in extracurricular activities as she was, so her sibling provided her with the necessary advice. [1]

3. Acting And Music Run In Her Blood

Hyman is a distant cousin of the late singing sensation Phyllis Hyman, as well as the late Earl Hyman, a Broadway and television actor who played Bill Cosby’s father on The Cosby Show. So, we can easily conclude that acting and music are the two things that are present in her genes.

4. Doesn’t Believe In Promoting Sex And Violence Through Music

In one of her interviews, the actor stated that she was advised that her songs would not sell if she did not encourage sex or violence in it. “I believe if you stay HOT—honest, open, and genuine with yourself and listeners—they will be intelligent enough to see and hear your art,” she said. [2]

5. Stepped Away From The Acting Industry To Pursue A Music Career

Miriam A.Hyman pursued a music career after leaving Blue Bloods. Hyman is no stranger to celebrity. In truth, many actors and actresses make the transition to music after a while. Hyman decided to try her luck in the music industry after creating the stage name.

6. Classically Trained Actor

Hyman, who was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and raised in Philadelphia, is a classically trained actor who graduated from Yale School of Drama. And has received the prestigious Princess Grace Award and Leonore Annenberg Fellowship for Performing Arts. [3]

7. Tries To Promote Both Of Her Talents

Rather than trying to keep her acting and Hip-Hop audiences separate, each with a narrower view of her talents, Hyman strives to blend the promotion of her talents wherever possible.

8. Believes In Giving Important Opportunities To Children

Hyman advises people to provide their children with as many opportunities as possible to develop a broad knowledge base and range of talents. And she hints at where she might be going when she says that successful entrepreneurs are active in a variety of endeavors.


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