8 Things You Didn’t Know About Neha Kakkar

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Neha Kakkar Biography

Neha Kakkar is the lady who needs no detailed introduction but for those, who don’t know about the gorgeous, we are here to enlighten them up with more information about Kakkar. The melodious lady of India, we all know her by her amazing voice and her best songs that we listen to. She was born in 1988. Neha Kakkar started singing at the very young age of 4 years and performed at religious events also a participant in the Indian idol got eliminated in the early week. Neha gave the start in Bollywood by singing in the chorus for the film Meera bai not out. Since then, she never looked back and continued to amuse the larger audience and music lovers with her pretty melodious voice and gave hit numbers. Then the start of her career is mixed with some unknown facts and let us get to know her!

Neha Kakkar

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Neha Kakkar

1- Birth of Melody

Neha Kakkar the queen of melody was born in the year 1988 in Uttar Pradesh, Indian to Rishikesh and Niti Kakkar. Neha has two siblings and she is the youngest of them also to add to the fact that she is the sister of Playback singer Tony Kakkar.

2- Uttarpradesh to Delhi

Her family moved to Delhi with her in order to give her gift a much more heard community also the family was in financial crisis to support that Kakkar started performing at the local places in religious events like Bhajans this went on to the age from 4 to 6. Kakkar never got any kind of training to sing she was born with the melody.

3- Teen on Stage

Kakkar participated in Indian idol at the age of 18 she added in her interview that those were the best days that added to her great memories and fame. Although Kakkar got eliminated in the early stage.

4- Debut Album (The star)

Neha after polishing her voice and traveling across the world at the peak of her career started her own album as Neha the Rockstar with music contribution from Meet Bros Anjan the limited listeners from her album resulted in getting her first Kotak Mahindra Jingle Mera Jaisa koi Meri Zindagi Mein Aye.

5- Failure Crept In

Neha Kakkar gave her debut in the movie Isi Life Mein as a college student and received negative and critical reviews also a massive failure in the box office. That did not stop her she lent her voice to Kannada and Telugu music industry and also got appreciated for her amazing singing resulted in a nomination for Best Playback singer.

6- Cocktail Breakthrough

Her breakthrough came in the year 2011 with the movie Cocktail in which she got recognized and criticized too. The anthem for Shahrukh gained her recognition from Shahrukh himself thanking her by saying loved the song.

7- Cheers to 2016

The best successful year for this melodious girl was 2016 in which she performed Mile ho tum from the film fever that was composed by her very own brother tony Kakkar also the most viewed sing on youtube.

8- Tied the Knot

Last year after the lockdown in 2020 Kakkar got married to the musician artist Rohan Preet in Gurudwara in Delhi and kept it amongst close friends and family. The wedding was simple yet elegant.

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