8 Things You Didn’t Know About Nikki Galrani

Nikki Galrani Biography

An Indian versatile, talented actress, who has the capability to fit herself in each role, is none other than Nikki Galrani. Yes… She has been continuously winning the hearts of many with her excellent acting prowess. She is adorable and her admiring performances are truly well-appreciated. Not only this but she has been working in Hindi, yet South Indian cinema. She has appeared in Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada movies as well. She is notable for her admirable work for which she got huge acclaim. Here we have shared something interesting so that you people can know more about her. Keep reading! Nikki_Galrani

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Nikki Galrani

1- Favorites

Nikki Galrani’s favorite color is White. Her favorite food is Ice-cream, Chocolate, and Burgers. Her favorite actor is Akshay Kumar and most favorite actress is Anushka Sharma. When it comes to her destination place, she opts for Goa & Dubai.

2- Leisure-time Activities

Nikki Galrani’s favorite leisure-time activities are dancing, traveling, and gymming. It seems she is kind of a productive, energetic, and lively person who loves keeping busy herself doing something interesting.

3- Came Under the Spotlight

Nikki Galrani earned fame and came under the spotlight after appearing in ‘Darling Devil and Bhagya Nayaki(lucky Girl). For her performance, she got an amazing response and positive feedback from the viewers.

4- Close With Her Sister

Despite being a busy person, still, Galrani loves spending time with her sister, Sanjjana Galrani who is also an acclaimed actress and is known for her incredibly amazing work and performances.

5- Pampered By Her Parents

Once in an interview, the actress shared that she is pampered by her parents Manohar Galrani (father), and Reshma Galrani (mother). She found them her constant strong support system throughout her career life.

6- Nickname

At this point, we are sure you guys would have no idea about her nickname. Let us tell you that Nikki Galrani is famous for her nickname ‘Drama Queen’, Niks.

7- Admires Bryan Adams

Being an admiration for many, she never put herself first and constantly sought inspiration from her biggies. Nikki Galrani shared that she admires her favorite star Bryan Adams (a singer, guitarist) whose singing style is captivating.

8- Favorite Shows & Cartoon

Nikki Galrani loves spending me time and whenever she gets time, she watches her favorite show ‘Mr. Bean’ series and also loves watching cartoon ‘Minion’.

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