8 Things You Didn’t Know About Patrick Graham

Patrick Graham Biography

Patrick Graham opened his eyes to the world on 14 September 1985 in London. The actor belongs to the United Kingdom, and he has British nationality. The 35-years-old was in a relationship with Ginny Gardner. From Taunton High School, he learned theatres. He has gained information on making films. From London Royal Hallway University, the writer has a degree of Masters in making movies from London Film School. He laid the foundation of Lalice Films. And the creative head ran it for three years. The star works at Final Call Productions. And he is responsible for directing, penning down ideas, and consultancy there. Would someone like to know more about him? If yes, then here are the eight lesser-known things about this well-known personality. Patrick Graham

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Patrick Graham

1- Graham Director

The superstar was the man behind the wheels while many web series progressed on Netflix. The names of his innovative ventures are Betaal and Ghoul. In Slaughterhouse and Phir Se, he was the captain of the ship.

2- Graham an Actor

The charmer has proved many times that he is a powerhouse of talent. He has enacted a few roles in many cinematic experiences. He has shown glittering acting chops in Hasee Toh Phasee, Bring on the Night, and Girl in the City. Everyone knows him for a character that he emoted in Trapped.

3- Graham a Writer

The megastar has put on paper some mind-blowing scripts for movies, apart from being a director and performer. He has jotted down the stories of Ghoul and Betaal. His tales are scary and full of suspense.

4- Why Graham Came to India?

Staying in London was difficult for the entertainer. He could not find a job or follow his passions if he remained there. Bollywood films, for instance, Dev D and Udaan, intrigued him instantly. He did not know that he would associate with Phantom someday, though.

5- Radhika Apte and Manav Kaul

Patrick Graham praised the actress Radhika Apte for her professional attitude and patience. He said that the starlit adds many feelings to the scenes that she presents on celluloid. Simultaneously, her characterizations are strong. The actor says that Manav Kaul has a good sense of humor. People enjoy this creative talent’s company.

6- What Lacks in Indian Horrific Films?

The scary movies of India are about folk stories, myths, or supernatural beliefs. It is what the film-enthusiast says. He advises that Bollywood needs to concentrate on its story-telling. It should not restrict the genre of horror to repetitive narrations of spirits only.

7- Why Horror Draws Him?

Such tales that can scare someone made the blue-eyed celebrity curious when he was growing up. The five feet eleven inches guy likes them because they are his catharsis. He pointed out that through this type of cinema, one can tell stories allegorically. They can use their metaphors. No one needs to be specific.

8- What Graham Likes?

In his free time, the brown-haired artist prefers singing, taking photos, reading, and traveling. Fast food satisfies his hunger cravings. And fans might see him somewhere in London or Manchester. Also, he wears clothes of hues of blue, brown, and black.

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