8 Things You Didn’t Know About Raima Sen

Raima Sen Biography

A well-known Bengali actress, Raima Sen has been predominantly working in the Hindi and Bengali cinema and got acclaimed for her tremendous performances and dedication to her work. She has worked on many film projects for which she became famous and this increased her fan following on not just her social media accounts, yet in real-life as well. The Bengali beauty has the ability to enthrall the audience with her appealing, stylish looks, and sophisticated performances. Being a talented, versatile actress, she holds a special place in millions of hearts. Well, still, there is a lot to know about her and we are sure you guys wanna know more about the ravishing beauty. So, let us dig out some lesser facts about her!


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Raima Sen

1- Royal Family

Raima Sen comes from a Royal Family as she is the granddaughter of Suchitra Sen who was also a famed actress who is the elder sister of Gayatri Devi, known as a Queen of Jaipur. While her paternal grandmother Indira was the pampered child of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III of Baroda.

2- Strong Associations with the Industry

Raima Sen has strong associations with the industry as her mother Munmun Sen is also a famed, iconic actress who worked in the Bollywood film industry. While her sisters, Reema Sen and Riya Sen also working in Bengali and Hindi cinema.

3- Partying with Friends

Despite a busy schedule, the Kolkata actress loves hanging out with her friends and she always takes time out for her dear ones to spend some quality time with them.

4- Gymming

Raima Sen loves gymming whenever she gets time for herself. Being a fitness lover, she never skips a day and always sticks to her workout regime and proper healthy diet that helps to stay fit and healthy.

5- Favorite Food

She has a habit of eating and always fails to control it. Raima Sen once revealed her never-ending love for eating Jhaal Muri and Aaloo Chaat as these are favorite food which makes her mouth watery.

6- She likes…

Once in an interview, when she was asked about her likes, Raima Sen revealed that she likes the hustle-bustle, fast-paced life of Mumbai city. It feels like something about liveliness.

7- Known for

The Bengali beauty has acted in many films and theatre plays, but she is known for appearing in the Indian debut film ‘Godmother’ which was released in the year 1999. This was an incredible victory that her first film got popular.

8- She & Varun Thapar

Every celebrity is attached to someone in their life and Raima Sen holds a special place in Varun’s heart as the duo has been dating for a long. There is no more information about the couple as they keep their relationship secret from the public.

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