8 Things You Didn’t Know About Samiya Mumtaz

Samiya Mumtaz Biography

Samiya Mumtaz is a well-known smart Pakistani TV and Film Actress she has touched the most popular tv projects and films. This elegant lady was born in 1970, Karachi. She is the daughter of Khawar and Kamil Khan Mumtaz. Her mother is a renowned Women Rights Activist and her father is a successful Architect, has two brothers and two beautiful kids.   Here we are going to present some unknown things you did not know about her.

Samiya Mumtaz

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Samiya Mumtaz

1- First step

Samiya made her beginning in 1995 in “Zard dopeher”, since then samiya gained a huge fame and has aired in various serials including “Udari”, “Yaariyan” and “Maaye ni’.

2- Big screen

Samiya no doubt has the ability to win the hearts of her eager audience, her talent has made her act in the movies such as “Zinda Bhaagh” which was an Urdu-Punjabi movie. Released in the year 2013.

3- Talent in Blood

The amount of work she puts in appears elegant and pretty different mostly voting her for the bold and beautiful acting. Many of her movies had made her an Award-winning actress in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

4- Achievement

In 2015, she was honored with the Best Actress Award for the movie “Dukhtar” at the 14th Lux Style Awards. The same year she won the Best Actor in negative role with HUM Awards.

5- Stays low-key

Samiya is very much into not advertising herself as a product and avoids camera, media while not working.

6- Inside out

As an entertainer, Samiya brings life to the screen, keeps herself well-balanced between work and personal life. Keeps her relations healthy.

7- Notable Roles

She wandered from theatre to small screen, staying under the radar Mumtaz has attempted the most one of a kind roles in her profession. Her performances in “Sadqay Tumhare”, “Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan” and “Dukhtar”.

8- Slow Aging

Samiya performs Yoga every morning to keep herself healthy and that is the secret behind her slow aging.

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