8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sanam Saeed

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Sanam Saeed Biography

A most celebrated Pakistani film and television actress Sanam Saeed, Yes… the one who is an all-time-favorite of all, known for playing the role in the serial ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’. Apart from this, she is known for playing a variety of roles in the most-watched serials. Also, she made a presence in the most-watched film ‘Cake’ alongside Aamina Shiekh and others. However, here we have compiled some more things you probably did not know about.

Sanam Saeed

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sanam Saeed

1- Worked at a young age

Sanam Saeed worked as a VJ for the show titled ‘Cafe Current’ which was aired on Indus TV. She started at the age of 17 and at that time she was paid 30K per month.

2- Hobbies

Sanam Saeed is a productive person as she loves reading books to explore more in-depth, watching movies, and partying with friends.

3- She & Rahat Kazmi

She is a student of Rahat Kazmi and did various plays with him for which she got much appreciation and love from the audience.

4- Favorite Subject/ Most Irritated Subject

Sanam Saeed loves psychology subject. While she hates Mathematics since her childhood. She always avoids doing lengthy calculations.

5- Religious

You will be amazed to know that she is so religious as she prays five times a day, also fast in the month of Ramadan.

6- Takes Auto

It is said that Sanam Saeed often takes an auto-ride when she does not have the car for going on the shoots.

7- Prayer mat on the sets

It is said that Sanam Saeed takes her prayer mat along with her on the sets and offer prayers during the break time.

8- Quit Modeling

She left modeling because she does not want to be conscious of her looks. She earlier faced some challenges at the beginning of the modeling career.

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