8 Things You Didn’t Know About Shonda Rhimes

On January 13, 1970, Shonda Rhimes was born. She is a television scriptwriter, producer, and author from the United States. Rhimes shared a home in Park Forest South with two older brothers and three older sisters.

If you are getting curious to know more about her then these 8 unknown facts will definitely pique your mind

Shonda Rhimes
Shonda Rhimes

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Shonda Rhimes

1. Phenomenal Net Worth

Rhimes has a massive $140 million net worth. It’s not unexpected that she’s worth so much given her early film screenplays and enormous hit series. [1]

2. She Is From A Fantastic Family

Being part of such an outstanding family provides Rhimes with a lot of incentive for her own achievement. Rhimes and her five siblings were raised in the Chicago area by their parents. [2]

Shonda with her parents
Shonda with her parents

3. First Claim To Fame

The earliest claim to fame of Shonda Rhimes. In 2002, she penned Crossroads, Britney Spears’ directorial debut, which also starred Zoe Saldana and Taryn Manning.

4. Rhimes Best Friend

Rhimes has known her best buddy since she was ten years old. That best buddy, it turns out, is the real-life Cristina Yang. Rhimes modeled Sandra Oh’s role as her best friend in Grey’s Anatomy. [3]

5. Memorable Events Of Her Life

When she adopted her daughter Harper, she became a single mother. She adopted her second daughter, Emerson, in 2012, and had her third daughter, Beckett, via surrogacy in 2013. [4]

6. Doesn’t Want To Get Married

Rhimes frequently discusses the difficulty of balancing life as a working mother; however, she has little trouble doing so herself. She never discusses her personal life, however, she has claimed that she does not desire to marry. [5]

7. Social Media Sentiments

While Shonda Rhimes can understand the social media obsession just as well as anyone else, she has some very strong views for those who believe they are using it to change the world.

8. Her Initial Career

Rhimes was hired as an intern at Denzel Washington’s production company Mundy Lane Entertainment; however, following graduation, she was unemployed and performed a variety of jobs, including office administrator and job center counselor.

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