8 Things You Didn’t Know About Siddharth Bedi

Siddharth Bedi Biography

Siddharth Bedi, an Indian actor, born in California, USA. He was the elder son of the famous, iconic actor, Kabir Bedi and Portima Bedi who was a great dancer. The actor has passed away in the year 1997. His parents faced this shock after they saw the dead body of their elder son at such a young age. Siddharth Bedi was the elder brother of Adam Bedi and sister Pooja Bedi. Siddharth was the man who belongs to the actors’ family as his grandparents and other relatives were also part of the fashion and film industry. However, there is much more to know about him and here we are bringing you with some unknown facts that you probably did not know about. Siddharth Bedi

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Siddharth Bedi

1- Committed Suicide

Siddharth Bedi committed suicide at the age of 26 in 1997. It is said that he was an alumnus of the Carnegie Mellon University and was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. His father Kabir Bedi faced a tragic phase of life when he saw the dead body of his son at a young age.

2- Battled with Depression

During his studies, Siddharth Bedi was suffered from extreme depression and the severe level of depression fell victim to a serious disease Schizophrenia. He got treated but the medicines led him to sadness.

3- Nightmare for Kabir Bedi

Siddharth’s death was a nightmare for his father Kabir Bedi as he could not stop him to commit suicide. He tried and put effort to make him positive every day but failed to do so.

4- He told his father about his suicide

After his death, Kabir Bedi revealed that Siddharth once told him that he will commit suicide one day. A shocking moment for him that he could do anything to stop him from committing suicide.

5- His Last Email

Siddharth’s last email was for his friends in which he wrote, ‘Come and give me the farewell’. Kabir Bedi checked his emails after his death and was surprised to see all that.

6- His Last Letter

After his death, Kabir Bedi found his last letter in which he wrote, ‘I’m going to the other side. After few days, he found dead as he committed suicide.

7- Adam shared strong bonding with him

Kabir Bedi shared in his interview and said his younger son Adam Bedi and his wife Niki cared a lot for Siddharth and Adam shared strong bonding with him.

8- Did several suicidal attempts

Kabir Bedi once revealed in his interview that Siddharth Bedi did several suicidal attempts and he always stopped him to do all that but he could not save him and he died.

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  1. Ambreen Rathore Avatar
    Ambreen Rathore

    This story is a strong and tragic representative of what goes on within us emotionally and psychologically i feel as a mental health practitioner and an ardent fan of Indisn cinema as a kid/ teenager. Honestly speaking I found Mr Kabir Bedi to be an extremely egoistic too macho a film star (with due respect only sharing my honest opinion as a human being! 🙂
    Unfortunately the suicides just don’t happen one fine day and are next to impossible to ‘prevent’ as this is a psychopathological tendency or a later developed tendency depending on how each deals with mental health issues which EACH one of us have and MOST deny esp our elders with due respect. These need to be addressed not only through allopathy but crucially crafted psychotherapy and psychiatry where essential A long cumbersome tale is the hidden and subtly evident precedent to this tragic happening which has become sadly much more common as of today …
    Will be Insha Allah reading the book hope it’ll awake in people the unconscious generational traumas which most of us go through and which ought to be curbed so as to ensure a mentally and spiritually healthy life which doesn’t come through loads of money looks nor fame!
    Please share my comment with others. Would be thankful!

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