8 Things You didn’t Know About Sonarika Bhadoria

Sonarika Bhadoria Biography

Sonarika Bhadoria is an Indian television actress who primarily appears in Hindi TV serials and Bollywood films. She rose to prominence and popularity as Parvati in the television series “Devon Ke Dev, Mahadev”. She has wowed audiences with her acting abilities and has appeared in a number of hit shows. If you want to learn more about this talented actress, check out these interesting facts we’ve compiled for you.
Sonarika Bhadoria
Sonarika Bhadoria

8 Things You didn’t Know About Sonarika Bhadoria

1. Had No Interest In Acting

She had no interest in acting until she was approached to play Parvati in “Devon Ke Dev, Mahadev” Because her family is a big devotee of Lord Shiva, Mahadev, her grandmother, and mother advised her to take the offer.

2. Chocolates Addict

She is addicted to chocolates and chewing gums and always keeps at least 30 different types of chewing gums, mints, and chocolates in her bag.

3. Practice Meditation Aand Power Yoga

She has been practising meditation and power yoga since she was nine years old. She is one of those people who believes that meditating and practising yoqa can effectively help you calm your nerves and stay sane while maintaining a hectic schedule.

4. Slut Shamed

She was once slut shamed on social media by some conservative bullies. While on vacation in Europe, the actress posted photos of herself in a bikini. And you know the rest of it, people commented, and she responded to them all perfectly. [1]

5. Multilingual

She has worked on films in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi, making her a multilingual artist. Her outstanding work in every industry is completely deserving of a standing ovation.

6. Loves To Travel

Sonarika has travelled to a lot of different places, as evidenced by her Instagram posts. And she also enjoys every view she sees while travelling because she photographs them and posts them on her Instagram.

7. Dog Lover

Sonarika is an extreme dog lover. She has many pet dogs at her home whom she loves to pet and also shows her love by showing her care on her Instagram account.
Sonarika with her pet dogs
Sonarika with her pet dogs

8. Most Desirabale Women

Bhadoria was named one of The Times of India’s Top 20 Most Desirable Women on Indian Television in 2018. Without a doubt, she deserves to be on that list. Because she has a really lovely personality. [2]