8 Things You Didn’t Know About Suhel Seth

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Suhel Seth Biography

Suhel Seth, a household name in the directory of Indian entrepreneurs. Not only but he is also a great columnist. Moreover, he is the founder and managing partner of the Consultancy film Counselage India. He is also a columnist, actor, keynote speaker, and TV pundit. Currently, he is serving as the Chairman of, Marketing Committees of the Confederation of Indian Industry and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry. Alongside, he is also on the Experts Committee of the Indian Railway Board. This is brilliant! This is incredible to know that he has been managing his multiple professions in a balanced way. Also, he has tried his luck in the field of showbiz, and fortunately, he became successful. Well, his journey seems interesting! Let us discover more about him!

Suhel Seth

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Suhel Seth

1- Birth/Family & Zodiac Sign

Suhel Seth is basically from India and he was born in the month of May 1963 in Calcutta where he lived with his parents till the age of 28. His father served in the Chemical Factory, located in Calcutta, which was later closed down due to strikes, and unhealthy circumstances.

2- Bachelors in English Honors

The actor pursued a bachelors (Hons) degree as he majored in English and later, pursued his Masters degree in the field of International Relations from Jadavpur University. Also, he did Advance Management Program AMP from Harvard Business School.

3- Member of HBSC Club

After completing his studies, the actor became a member of the HBSC – Harvard Business School Consultants Club. This is amazing that he has been active in his career life and always contribute a lot.

4- Founded Advertising Agency

In 1996, Suhel Seth along with his brother founded the advertising agency named ‘Equus’. Also, he founded Quadra Advisory with Shunu Sen. Apart from this, he also started Counselage India, which is a consultancy firm founded in 2002.

5- Enthusiastic Theatre Actor

Alongside managing dynamic career life, Suhel Seth also worked as a theatre actor, and being an enthusiastic person, he has performed in more than 135 English plays and 6 movies so far. Impressive!

6- Hobbies

During his leisure time, the actor loves spending time with books. Yes… He is an avid reader and often takes time out for reading books as he is also a great columnist and author.

7- Renowned Author

Suhel Seth is also a well-known author. He is known for writing his first book named ‘In Your face’ which is a compilation of Interviews and columns published in different national newspapers and magazines.

8- Co-Authored the Book

Seth has also worked as a co-author on the book named ‘Kalighat to Calcutta’ with Khushwant Singh and R.K.Laxman. And here you will be amazed to know that has written four books in his life.

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