8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sydney Sierota

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Sydney Grace Ann Sierota, professionally known as Sydney Sierota, who is an American singer and keyboardist and pop sensation of millions of people. She is best known for American alternative pop band Echosmith. The young gorgeous beauty has made herself the famed celebrity in the field of music and managed to steal the hearts of many across the globe.

8 Things You Didn't Know About Sydney Sierota

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sydney Sierota

Sydney Sierota sang for the first time at 2

At the age of two, Sydney Sierota sang for the first time. She proved that she was destined to be a singer. Well, she also sang in a church group at an early age and it was the time when she could barely form the words.

She joined her first band at 5

At the age of 5, she joined her first band named “Echosmith” formed in 2009, in which she was a lead singer. At that time, she played with her family.

Music is in her blood

The majority of her family members, relatives has been associated in the field of music for a very long time so it is not surprising that she was influenced and pursue a career in music.

She has been a model and a fashion designer

Sydney’s skills are not confined to just music, but she has been a great model and a fashion designer as well. Fortunately, she is blessed with multiple skills and that’s a big win for the artist.

Her social media presence is impressive

Interestingly, she is extremely active on all her social media accounts and has a huge fan following with whom she loves to share her dazzling photos, music tracks, and other amazing stuff.

Sydney Sierota performed on various soundtracks

Besides a large number of performances in the field of music and modeling, she performed on various soundtracks and left fans crazy.

Her real inspiration

Stars tend to like other stars and always try to adopt their interests and habits. Likewise, Sydney’s real inspiration is the most favorite star, Taylor Swift and she is a big of her musical talent.

She was so active in her childhood

During schooling, Sydney Sierota was so active as she took part in events, and music concerts to hone her skills.

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