8 Things You Didn’t Know About Yvonne De Carlo

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Yvonne De Carlo Biography

Before she became the iconic vampire Lily in “The Munsters”, Yvonne De Carlo was one of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars. Her blue eyes and dark hair made producers scream, but their treatment of her was equally scream-worthy.

Here are some fascinating facts about Yvonne De Carlo, from innocent Canadian to becoming Hollywood’s Technicolor glamour girl.

Yvonne De Carlo
Yvonne De Carlo

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Yvonne De Carlo

1. Named After A Child Star

“Margaret Yvonne Middleton” was the birth name of Yvonne De Carlo. Her mother, who aspires to be an actress, named her after the child actress “Baby Peggy”. De Carlo, on the other hand, desired a more exotic stage name, so she chose her middle name and her mother’s Sicilian surname.

2. Her Father Left Her

De Carlo was so young when her father abandoned her that she could only remember his legs. He skipped town on a schooner with promises to send for his family once he was settled somewhere. That, however, never occurred. [1]

3. Lived A Hard Life

Life was difficult for a single mother with a child. Despite her grandparents’ nice home, De Carlo and her mother lived in a series of small apartments scattered throughout Vancouver. They once lived in an apartment without a stove and without any furniture.

4. Did Basement Theatre

After winning $5 in a poetry contest, a young Yvonne De Carlo began writing stage plays and even producing them in her grandparents’ basement.

5. Joined Church For A Strange Reason

De Carlo’s mother was an aspiring actress who, as her chances of becoming a star faded, poured everything she had into her daughter. There were singing and dance lessons, and her mother even persuaded her to join the church choir. Her mother, on the other hand, wanted her to strengthen her voice, not learn about God.

6. No Green Card

She was a Canadian citizen working in the United States without a green card. Immigration eventually caught up with her and deported her and her mother. Fortunately, her boss wrote a letter to the government promising her a steady job.

7. Beat Out 20,000 Women

In 1944, the actress was up for a major role in the Western Salome, Where She Danced but she was up against some formidable opponents. A total of 20,000 actors auditioned for the role. But she managed to beat them all.

8. Recorded An Album

She had a beautiful singing voice, so she decided to record an album called Yvonne De Carlo Sings. John Towner, an unknown musician, orchestrated her songs.


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