Ayeza Khan uploads an appreciation post on Instagram to thank everyone for kind support

Ayeza KhanHow about we do not overlook the year is ending, and the ‘new year new me’ presents are about on hit social media genuine soon. Notwithstanding, before that comes to the ‘activities I took in this year’ posts and the ‘individuals who stayed by me through various challenges’ posts and every single other sort of enthusiastic and wistful once-overs one might consider.

Talking about which, in an ongoing post on Instagram, Ayeza Khan additionally posted an image of herself with a gratefulness post, expressing gratitude toward everybody who bolstered her through an extreme year as a big name, mother, spouse, and daughter. Simultaneously, she went onto state that her difficult work has picked up her a ton of help from her fans, which gives her capacity and makes her a superwoman.

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Dr. Rabail…. #koichandrakh Before this year ends, i personally wanted to thank everybody for giving so much love and appreciation. Honestly, waking up at 7am, making lunch box exciting everyday, dropping hoorain to the school, coming back and waking up rayan and feeding and getting him ready and dropping him to my mom’s place and sometimes requesting her to come to my house in the morning and then having breakfast with my husband and leaving for the work and in btw try to come home whenever possible and, monitoring the kids on phone all day and coming back to home and again feeding, bathing, choosing the princess or batman night-suit every night, listening hoorain’s bedtime stories or phirrrrrrrrrr removing the makeup and dinner date with my favorite person and sleeping at 3am and again waking up at 7. Difficult to manage ??? Honestly sometimes it is….. Buttttt i love you all and the amount of lovee i am receiving from my fans have made me the super woman and gave me the power to work, to dream and to make all of you proud. 🙏❤️

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There’s no denying that Mere Paas Tum Ho on-screen character has positively had a bustling year with her hit serial always requesting her quality, on and off-screen. As Ayeza began by tending to her battles as a superstar and mother, reviewing times when she needed to wake up at 7 am, make lunch for her kids, feed them breakfast, drop them off to class and afterward head to work.

She additionally alluded to how she would now and again go to and fro from home to work, just to screen if everything was leveled out. Ayeza’s post infers how she has figured out how to keep a harmony between giving her family the same amount of time as she would to her work.

She went onto end up, “Hard to oversee? Truly here and there it is, yet I love all of you and the measure of adoration I am accepting from my fans have made me the super lady and enabled me to work, dream and make all of you pleased.”

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