‘Canadian national’ Akshay Kumar gets trolled over tweet applauding Modi

Bollywood’s propensity towards the fanatic ruling party is expanding with Bollywood’s film stars. This shows the extreme support for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). A well-known and well-liked B’wood’s superstar Akshay Kumar, who is allegedly exceptionally close to BJP and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and never loses any chance to load acclaim on the pioneer, has by and by turned out on help of him. On Saturday, 12th October 2019, Modi shared a video of him cleaning the seashore on Twitter with the message, “Let us ensure our public spots are perfect and clean!” This provoked a surge of reaction on the web including Kumar and Anupam Kher and numerous others. However, it was Akshay’s answer, who holds a Canadian nationality, which got trolled from social media users for his tweet to the Indian PM. “Honored. PM Narendra Modi Ji, the best leaders are the individuals who lead with a model! Additionally, it is such an extraordinary movement to remain fit and simultaneously keeping our open places clean,” the Houseful on-screen character tweeted. However, Akshay received a backlash for praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi. There was a series of tweets in which social media users criticized the eminent star. look! What twitter users have said to the actor. “Your pioneer is Justin Trudeau, not Modi,” one Twitter user reacted. While another reminded Kumar that he is Canadian.          

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