Mahira Khan and Fatima Bhutto spotted at National Theatre, London

On Wednesday night, 12th September, 2019, Mahira Khan and Fatima Bhutto came together to share the stage at the National Theatre London.  Mahira Khan was invited to read from Bhutto’s latest novel The Runaways on Monday. The two renowned personalities were promoting United Kingdom events related to the new Bhutto book. As per reports, Bhutto was in London for an exclusive review of her new book, The Runaways, which was authoritatively released in March all through the United Kingdom. The Pakistani author talked about her book and nationalistic legislative issues with Gary Younge, the editor at-large at The Guardian and the author of Another Day in the Death of America. Afterward, on-screen character Mahira Khan read a passage from the book to the group of spectators. This was the first run through a Pakistani performed at the National Theater in London, However, the photographs of the occasion were posted on Instagram by Journalist- Mohsin Sayeed. He shared 4 pictures over there and enthusiastically captioned the photos. Mohsin Sayeed wrote, “Mahirah Khan overwhelmed everybody in the group of spectators with her beautiful reading. This was the first run through ever that a Pakistani on-screen character performed at the National Theater in London.” Presently that is the thing that you call two stars in a single edge. Furthermore, he shared another photo of that event and captioned it. Have a look at picture, what he wrote over it. The Runaways rotates around radicalization of individuals. It depends on the variables that lead youngsters to take up weapons against their own kin and the remainder of the world. As per The Guardian, Bhutto tracks how the encounters of neediness, offense and distance become the pathways to Islamist fanaticism.”  

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