Mani jokes about his first’wedding’ in an interview with Shaista Lodhi

In the latest episode of Gupshup with Shaista Lodhi, Salman Saqib Sheik, prevalently known as Mani, discussed his own life and his role as a son, son in law and father. In the edge of which, he opened up about a mystery that stunned the viewers, however, later ended up being a ‘joke’. During the show, Lodhi interrogated regarding the entertainer’s first marriage, and how his ‘current’ spouse got some answers concerning it. In light of which, Mani talked decisively saying, “I had been hitched for a long time before Hira, and I had a child named ‘Nayyer,’ It’s a really old school name now. Nonetheless, one day my first spouse went to our doorstep, approaching me for cash for our child. Hira discovered and amazingly, she said she is happy to acknowledge Nayyer as her own. I couldn’t accept how enormous of a heart she had.” Mani further included that the occasion was not detailed at the time on the grounds that there were no bloggers and the paparazzi was not as dynamic. In any case, in the wake of unveiling this inconceivable new development and making them reasonable, Mani finished up by saying that he was kidding, and snickered at his convincingly genuine frame of mind. Mani had additionally quietly communicated his disappointment with the present age bloggers, who report without confirmation, and it appears the joke was an endeavor to demonstrate that. But, the way that he himself kept on tending to the occurrence on his Instagram page with a post from another source, made things very confounding for his fans and have provoked tidbits of gossip on social media.
He included no explanations and essentially appended the Youtube connect to the meeting for the viewers to see with their own eyes, in any case, it appears that many didn’t.  

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