Mehwish Hayat claps back at troll who criticized her clothes

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A few days back, Pakistani actor Mehwish Hayat attended US Open Semi-Finals where she met with numerous renowned celebrities including American Singer Nick Jonas and Stand-up Comedian Hassan Minhaj. She was invited to the event where she praised for world champion Rafael Nadal. However, the star gathered those precious moments in a form of pictures and shared on Twitter to share her experience of US trip.

She captioned the photos, “Thank you Emirates for inviting me to the finals of the US Open US Open. It was a truly exhilarating experience to watch Rafael Nadal win such a thrilling final. Thank you for the exceptional hospitality and the opportunity to meet so many interesting people!”

Nevertheless, the pictures went viral on social media and caught everyone’s attention. But on one particular picture, Mehwish Hayat gets trolled and received criticism over her choice of clothing. Cyber-citizens seemed busy in questioning over her dress that she wore in that occasion.

One of the user wrote, “Even these ladies besides you looks decent and elegant, look out yourself are you sure you are wearing something?”

Mehwish Hayat, who wore a beige jumpsuit at the US Open event, responded at troll in an appropriate manner, “These beautiful ladies are wearing their uniforms and I am wearing what I felt was right for the occasion. To answer your question, the last time I checked, I am sure I was wearing something!”

When will women not be disgraced for their decision of attire? Doesn’t resemble it will be at any point in the near future, tragically. Well, the star covered herself by answering falsely to the masses.

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