Robert Pattinson love to play different roles to explore more

RobertActor Robert Pattinson is anxious to stretch his body as far as possible and change himself into a ballet artist on screen. He says he feels there is a ballet performer inside him.

The Nightfall star says he has consistently been interested in making a film set in the expressive dance world, despite the fact that he has not even an inkling about the exceptionally specialized move.

“Something I was attempting to discover for a considerable length of time was to do an expressive dance motion picture… And afterward, my specialist resembled, ‘Why? Do you know how to (do) artful dance?’ I’m similar to, ‘No’,” Pattinson told artist entertainer Jennifer Lopez in Assortment’s On-screen characters.

Squeezed for more insights concerning his move want, Pattinson stated, “I believe there’s a ballet dancer inside me… I truly needed to do it.”

The 33-year-old said some portion of the fascination is handling a job nobody would anticipate from him, much the same as his most recent discharge, mental thriller The Beacon.

“I love discovering something where I have positively no clue how to do it. I don’t move toward parts if there’s something relatable. On the off chance that I was following parts which appear to be by one way or another relatable to my genuine self, I would be reliably playing incessantly shaky washouts.”

Concurring with Pattinson, Lopez stated, “I imagine that is the thing that individuals don’t comprehend about entertainers and their decisions. It’s tied in with discovering something you haven’t done.”

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