8 Things You Didn’t Know About Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill Biography

Eddie Cahill is well-known to fans of the television sitcom Friends. He was not a series regular, although he appeared in the seventh and eighth seasons as “Tag Jones,” Rachel Greene’s younger boyfriend. If you’re a fan of his, you’ll be interested in learning some interesting facts about him, which we’ve included below.
Eddie Cahill
Eddie Cahill

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Eddie Cahill

1. Mixed Ethnicity

While Eddie Cahill’s nationality is currently American, he is of mixed ancestry. His father is of Irish ancestry, while his mother is Italian.

2. “Friends” Was His First Major Role

According to Glamour, Eddie Cahill had spent his last $230 on a plane ticket from New York to Los Angeles and to pay an agent who arranged for him to audition for his first role on television, Friends. [1]

3. Auditioned Alongside “Tom Welling

After a series of auditions and cuts for roles in “Friends”, it came down to two candidates: Cahill, an inexperienced actor, and “Tom Welling”, a well-known actor. Tom Welling, who was best known for his role as Clark Kent in Smallville, intimidated Cahill.

4. Discovered By “Sarah Jessica Parker

Despite the fact that Cahill credits Friends with his beginnings, he acknowledges the person who first discovered him. His time on Friends was fantastic, but it was Sarah Jessica Parker, who gave him his big break on television.

5. Hockey Player In Childhood

Cahill played hockey at “Byram Hills High School”, and according to Wikipedia, his childhood hero was “Jim Craig”, whom he got the chance to play in a film. [2]

6. Owns a Hockey Blog

Cahill has kept his passion for hockey throughout his adult life, and he is even a supporter of the NHL’s New York Rangers. He writes for Celeb Blog for three seasons in the NHL and runs his own hockey blog where he shares his thoughts.

7. Doubled In The Movie “Miracle”

For his portrayal of goalie “Jim Craig” in the film “Miracle”, the actor received positive reviews and raves. Despite having played hockey before, he was new to the goalie position, so “Bill Ranford”, a former NHL goalie, filmed the majority of the game’s action sequence.

8. Had a Cameo In “Charmed”

He had a guest role on Charmed where he played Prue’s (Shannon Doherty) love interest, which most people might miss because it was a brief role.


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