8 Things You Didn’t Know About John Legend

John Legend Biography

Are you people familiar with the popular face? Let us reveal you! John Legend is a man who is known for his upcoming project ‘The Voice’ and his fans are excited to watch him on the screen. Meanwhile, they are curious to know about their beloved actor who has been enthralling a larger audience with his stellar performances. However, here we have enlisted some amazing facts you probably didn’t know before. And we are sure you would love reading them. Take some time out and give it a read! john-legend

8 Things You Didn’t Know About John Legend

1- John Legend’s real name is Different

Here you will be surprised to know that John Legend’s birth name is John Roger Stephens. he was born on 28th Dec 1978 in Ohio.

2- His friends gave him a Nickname

The actor became popular by his nickname ‘John Legend’ which was given to him by his friends, he shared this with his viewers during the interview with MTV News 2008.

3- He wanted to be a Musician

In 2014, the Legend told US Weekly, He wanted to become a musician and was also inspired to be Andy Griffith’s lawyer character, Ben Matlock.

4- He was a Wedding Singer in His Teens

In his teenage life, John Legend used to work as a wedding singer. He put those skills to use for his survival. What’s more? He performed at Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s wedding and many other biggies.

5- He was so active in his School Life

John Legend was so active in his school life. Alongside his curricular activities, he actively participated in various co-curricular activities.

6- Legend’s First Acting Gig

In 2005, John Legend got his first acting gig with one of Kyra Sedgwick’s paramours in the ‘Loverboy’. The story revolves around a woman who is obsessed with having a perfect child.

7- He is an Avid Reader

John Legend is an avid reader. Once during an interview, the actor shared that he loves reading biographies and inspirational books.

8- He is a Philanthropist

Legend is a Philanthropist who puts his efforts into charitable programs to help and support organizations including Harlem Village Academies, Teach for America, Teach for All, and New Profit.