8 Things You Didn’t Know About Master Saleem

Master Saleem Biography

If you are an active listener of the Sufi and devotional songs then you must have heard the name of Master Saleem who is sometimes referred as Saleem Shahzada (Salim Shahzada), is an Indian singer from Punjab, known for his work as a devotional singer & playback singer in Bollywood films, like Heyy Babyy (2007), Dostana and Love Aaj Kal (2009). He has some private albums of Punjabi Music, Religious and Sufi music too. He was born in Shahkot, near Jalandhar, Punjab. He is the son of the famous Sufi singer Ustad Puran Shah Koti, who was also the guru of folk singers, Hans Raj Hans, Jasbir Jassi, and Sabar Koti, Diljaan At the age of six Saleem also became his disciple and started learning singing and soon turned out to be an excellent devotional singer. Here we are telling you 8 interesting facts about his amazing personality that you will be amazed to know. So let us start! Master Saleem

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Master Saleem

1- Popular Album

His Debut Album was Charkhe Di Ghook (1990). It made him quite popular in his genre. While in Bollywood, his Singing Debut project was Mast Kalandar (2007, Heyy Babyy). This song was also a great success.

2- Inborn trait for Music

He is a natural borne singer. At the age of 4, he started learning singing from his father- Ustad Puran Shah Koti, who was a Sufi singer himself. In this way, his training for music started in his early days.

3- Live performance at 8

It must be an interesting fact about him that he gave his first live performance with his song Charkhe Di Ghook at the opening ceremony of Bathinda Doordarshan at the age of only 8! At the age of 10, his first album Charkhe Di Ghook (1990) was released and it was boom!

4- His Writer Side

It is an inspiring fact about him that writing is one of his favorite hobbies. Pouring down the words from the mind on the paper helped a lot in his catharsis. Though we have not got any chance to read his work, we are quite sure that it would be as amazing as his singing!

5- His simple food habits

We are quite sure that you do not know about his simplest food habits. Definitely, you must be thinking that he is such a big celebrity so he must-eats very hi-fi foods and continental dishes. But the matter of fact is that he loves Daal Roti! YES! AMAZING?

6- Age and Zodiac sign

He is 35 years ago and his zodiac sign is Cancer. It is an amazing fact about him that he has got all the traits of his star. He is simple, ready to trust everyone, kindhearted, and loves to help others.

7- Real Name

It might be a somehow interesting fact about him that he is known as Master Saleem in the melodious world of the music industry. But the matter of fact is that it is not his real name! What if we tell you that his real name is Shahzada Saleem! Yes! It is his real name! Quite interesting! Like Royals!

8- Favorite Actors

We are quite sure that you do not know about the favorite celebrities of your favorite celebrity! So we are telling you this hidden fact about him that he is a great fan of Kajol and Bobby Deol.

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