8 Things You Didn’t Know About Paul Walker

Paul Walker Biography

Paul Walker was a well-known American actor best known for his role as Brian O’Conner in the popular Fast and Furious franchise. However, people remember him for his good nature, particularly the fellow actors he worked with on this project, Vin Diesel and Tyrese Gibson. On November 30, 2013, he tragically lost his life in a car accident. Paul Walker was much more than the star of everyone’s favourite street racing movie franchise. Hence, we’ve compiled a list of those items below.
Paul Walker
Paul Walker

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Paul Walker

1. Started Acting At An Early Age Of 2

Most child actors do not begin their careers until they are at least old enough to form complete sentences. Paul, on the other hand, landed his first landing job when he was two, in a Pampers diaper commercial. [1]

2. Had A Firm Believe In God

Paul was not open about his religious beliefs with fans. However, he was raised in a Mormon home and once stated in an interview that he absolutely believed in God and couldn’t understand those who didn’t. [2]

3. Practiced Brazilian Jai Jitsu

While Paul was a formidable on-screen fighter, he also dabbled in martial arts in real life! He had earned his brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the time of his death.
Paul with his training partner of Brazilian Jai JItsu
Paul with his training partner of Brazilian Jai Jitsu

4. Real Race Car Driver

Paul was a fast car enthusiast not only in the Fast and Furious films but also in real life! He was a member of the AE Performance Team and competed in the Redline Time Attack racing series.[3]

5. Performed His Own Stunts

Because Paul’s real-life interests, such as martial arts and racing cars, coincided with his on-screen ones, he found it much easier to perform his own movie stunts than most.

6. Uncomfortable In Watching Himself Acting

Paul Walker is one of many actors who have admitted that they are uncomfortable watching their own acting performances. It must be strange for actors to watch themselves on camera.

7. His Close Friend

Paul and Vin became close friends on and off the set of the Fast and Furious franchise. Vin was made Meadow Walker’s (Daughter of Paul) godfather when she was born. [4]

8. His First Car

Pickup trucks were the first vehicles Paul tinkered with and drove around in as he became interested in cars and began driving.

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