8 Things You Didn’t Know About Simran Kaur Mundi

Simran Kaur Mundi Biography

Simran Kaur Mundi, an Indian actress who took the start of her professional career in 2011 through a Hindi film titled Jo Hum Chahen in which she portrayed the role of Neha Kapoor. Prior to her acting career, she used to work as a supermodel and made her broad career in the field of modeling by doing various assignments for many notable brands. Undoubtedly, she has great modeling skills. Also, she was honored with the title of Miss India Universe held in 2008 in Mumbai, India. She has the ability to win the hearts of many with her remarkable performances and got much appreciation from everyone. However, still, many of us are not fully aware of all about her personal and professional life. So, let us dig out some facts about her! Simran-Kaur-Mundi

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Simran Kaur Mundi

1- Non-Vegetarian

Simran Kaur Mundi is a non-vegetarian and while scrolling her Instagram, we got to know that she loves eating seafood including fish and prawns with some spices.

2- Love for Sketching

The actress loves sketching as she calls it her first love and loves doing it in her free time. She believes that it is a great way to improve your creative skills and gives you a diverse range to think in a different way.

3- Avid Reader

The actress is an avid reader and loves reading books on a daily basis. In case of her busy schedule, she always takes time out for reading at night. She believes that reading helps to evolve her in various ways.

4- Sports Lover

Simran Kaur Mundi is a sports lover person who loves playing basketball. Even during her school and college days, the actress always took part in sports activities to groom herself as such kind of outdoor games makes you a productive and active person.

5- Street Food Lover

Simran Kaur is known for being a street food lover and loves eating Pani Puri and Bhel. While among others, she is also a junk food lover and prefers to eat Pizza. Among sweets and desserts, she loves eating Gulab Jamun and Malai Ghewar.

6- Other Favorites

Her favorite colors are Orange, White, and Black and mostly she opts for such colors to wear on. While among her favorite outfits, she loves wearing Patiala Shalwar Suit occasionally, and mostly, she wear western dresses as well.

7- Favorite Actors

Among many too celebrated stars, the actress adores Bollywood superstars, such as; Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone for their remarkable performances and great acting prowess that makes them unique among all.

8- Pet Lover

She is a pet lover and loves cats and dogs. She has a pet dog named JayDee with whom she shares pictures on her social media accounts where often showers her love on JayDee.

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